Published On: Wed, Aug 9th, 2017

Immersion Says Sony Is Behind in Terms of Rumble Features Compared to Microsoft and Nintendo

Immersion Corporation, developer of quivering record used in diversion controllers, believes that Sony is behind in terms of rumble facilities compared to both Microsoft and Nintendo.

President and CEO of Immersion, Vic Viegas, pronounced as many during a company’s many new gain call (Q2 2017) with investors. While both Nintendo and Microsoft have invested in modernized hold interaction, Sony is fundamentally still relying on rumble facilities that date from a late 90’s.

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“Sony is a usually vital console provider, who has fundamentally not updated a rumble underline given a late 90s”, Viegas said. “Whereas others, like a licensees Microsoft and Nintendo have continued their investments in modernized haptics.”

Immersion’s CEO combined that Microsoft has been investing in trigger rumble functionality for a Xbox One controllers, and that Nintendo has done a good jump brazen with a new haptic feedback underline called HD Rumble.

“Microsoft has introduced trigger functionality in a Xbox One and Nintendo has leaped brazen of a marketplace with HD rumble”, he said.

hd rumble switch

Nintendo’s Switch uses a new haptic record called HD Rumble

Back in 2004, Immersion sued both Sony and Microsoft for allegedly regulating a quivering record inside a DualShock PS2 and strange Xbox controllers. While Nintendo also used a rumble underline inside a controllers, a Japanese gaming behemoth wasn’t sued due to a record used was formed on a opposite pattern of that Nintendo binds a patents.

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Microsoft shortly staid a box with Immersion, and purchased a 10% share in a association while also profitable Immersion $20 million USD to obtain chartering rights to a quivering technology. Sony continued to urge a case, that they eventually lost. Immersion and Sony eventually done a allotment behind in 2007 to forestall a cessation of offered all controllers, including PlayStation and PlayStation 2 packages, containing Immersion’s quivering technology.

“We demeanour brazen to exploring with Immersion sparkling new ways to move a largest and best operation of gameplay practice to a customers,” Sony President Kazuo Hirai pronounced behind in Mar of 2007. “We are really vehement about a new partnership with Immersion and a intensity for new and innovative products incorporating their technologies.”

Interestingly, Microsoft after sued Immersion for settling with Sony after which Immersion concluded to compensate Microsoft $20.75 million USD to settle a case.

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