Published On: Tue, Jan 15th, 2019

IHUGU Arrives On Switch Next Week, Tasking Players With The Simple Art Of Hugging

IHUGU is set to launch on Nintendo Switch subsequent week. There’s nothing of your standard fighting, battling, or zombie presence antics to be seen here, though, as this diversion is all about hugging.

The manners are refreshingly simple, tasking players with hugging everybody they meet, though usually once. Essentially, IHUGU is a memory diversion where you’ll need to use discerning meditative to remember who you’ve already hugged, and who we need to avoid. Naturally, a diversion is directed during players who wish an easy-going nonplus experience, nonetheless some plea is pronounced to be supposing in mastering your score.

The diversion indeed seemed on Steam behind in 2017 (hence a PC cursor in a trailer above), though a Switch chronicle comes with a possess disdainful feature. This small underline is a internal multiplayer choice that sees players severe any other to a memory competition, rather than chasing particular high scores. The initial actor to cuddle a impression who has already been hugged loses.


– A singular diversion about hugging that hurdles both memory and reflexes alike
– Hundreds of opposite characters
– Character editor (mix opposite heads with a rest of a body, with over twenty thousand freaky mixes to reveal)
– Ten unique, colourful, and waggish environments
– Several minigames and lots of engaging extras
– Competitive multiplayer mode – exclusively on Nintendo Switch
– Funny ’80s TV mode – knowledge a diversion as if personification on an ancient TV

IHUGU will be accessible directly from a Nintendo Switch eShop from 21st Jan for $3.99.

Will we be removing your cuddle on subsequent week? Make certain to widespread a adore in a comments territory below.

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