Published On: Wed, Jun 30th, 2021

If we compensate an romantic labor fee, Postdates will get your things from your ex

Yesterday, a group behind a fun Amazon Dating delivered us Postdates. It’s like Postmates, yet for removing your things behind from your ex.

Postdates looks like a tangible Postmates website — we can name a form of attribute (“casually dated,” “lived together,” “one night stand,” etc.) like it’s a form of restaurant. Then, we can select from preset equipment to collect (concert tickets if we were friend-zoned, family heirlooms if we were divorced) or supplement a tradition item. Delivery starts during $25 in LA and $30 in NY, along with an additional romantic labor cost of $3.99. Yes, we can indeed use this use if you’re in one of these dual cities, yet Postdates isn’t here to stay — it’s a pop-up business. Or, as Postdates “founder” Ani Acopian puts it, “It’s kind of like examination a ‘Black Mirror’ episode, yet it’s your genuine life.”

You competence remember Elon Musk’s unsuccessful comedy startup/”intergalactic media empire” Thud, that directed to emanate immersive digital practice that confused a lines between what’s genuine and fake. Or, we competence not remember Thud, given it unsuccessful spectacularly and wasn’t really funny. Postdates struck a fun bullion that Elon Musk dreamed of with Thud, usually they did it yet $2 million dollars in appropriation from one of a richest group in a world.

TechCrunch talked to unpractical artist Ani Acopian, writer Suzy Shinn and product developer Brian Wagner to get a lowdown on usually how legit Postdates is.

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TechCrunch: Why Postdates? How did a thought come about?

Suzy Shinn: At a start of quarantine when all was descending apart, Ani and we done ScrubHub, like PornHub for palm washing. We lifted $50,000 for charity.

Ani Acopian: I consider we had this artistic extract inside of us that we wanted to find an opening for.

SS: Then, we had a Postdates idea, and we indeed attempted to get investors and artists to account it, since we were like … This is going to cost something, we wish to make it genuine and indeed function. No one wanted anything to do with it, since they were like, “What’s a return?”

AA: And we were like, “Well, a lapse is that it’s a vibe.”

SS: No one wanted anything to do with us fundingwise, so we built it ourselves.

So, we can indeed use this?

AA: Yeah, we partnered with dual internal bearer companies, Gourmet Runner in LA and Airpals in New York. We wanted to make certain we work with people that provide their workers right.

SS: You can put in a request, and a ex has to agree apparently and be like, “Yeah, we have this things for you, I’ll put it outside,” and a couriers have Postdates bags that we give to them. But legitimately, we can use it in both of those cities as prolonged as you’re not promulgation a cat, or a child, or alcohol, or drugs, or something that won’t fit in a bag.

AA: We spent a lot of time on a workflow to make certain no addresses are shared, that everyone’s consenting to be involved, and we’re perplexing to keep it no contact, so we’re seeking people to put things on their doorway handle. You’re not charged until your ex accepts a order.

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You usually launched yesterday, yet have people indeed been regulating a use so far?

Brian Wagner: We had some people who would post a screenshot in response to Ani’s twitter and be like, “Oh snap, we indeed got Postdated by my ex!”

SS: There’s about 30 to 40 tentative requests, and we’ve gotten a handful that usually as of this morning have been delivered successfully.

Do we consider this could be a viable business?

AA: Not all needs to be a viable business. we would indeed be … not surprised, yet dissapoint if this indeed became a thing, since we don’t consider a universe needs that turn of stuff, yet we consider we’re flattering most already there. All we can do is reason a counterpart up.

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As satire, what are we perplexing to contend with Postdates?

SS: we consider in a tech world, it seems like all of these tech startups get crazy amounts of funding, and they spend so most money, and they take themselves so seriously. The 3 of us, with a assistance of a friends, were means to do this, and we didn’t need $13 million in appropriation or 5 years. But we were staying adult until like 5 a.m., and we were like, “Can we sinecure someone to assistance us?” yet we were like, “No, we can’t pay.”

BW: Especially with a arise of a gig economy, we’ve seen some positives and some flattering critical negatives, generally during quarantine. It helps people get a things that they need, yet also, a lot of workers aren’t being paid sincerely and don’t have health insurance. So there’s a view a lot some-more mostly now that a lot of tech is redistributing labor, and you’re usually profitable for people to be changed around. So in a way, we’re arrange of like … We’ve redistributed romantic labor here.

There’s an romantic labor taxation on a site, yeah.

BW: There’s a bit of poking fun of that, observant how distant will we go in terms of indeed relocating labor along for money. Will people compensate for someone else to understanding with a romantic doing of a situation?

How did Postdates build on Amazon Dating?

AA: We’ve done dual fun sites now, and we wanted to take that to a subsequent turn and make it experiential. It’s kind of like examination a “Black Mirror” episode, yet it’s your genuine life.

SS: What is a verbatim cost we will compensate not to see someone? This is a genuine thing that happens all a time — my friends will be like, “I pennyless adult with my girlfriend, we need we to go get my stuff,” and I’m like, “I don’t wish to go get your stuff.”

AA: we don’t consider we should outsource it, though.

So we don’t consider we should outsource it, yet also, we done Postdates.

AA: we consider that’s a whole …

That’s a joke.

AA: Yeah.

What does it contend about startup enlightenment to make a product that we don’t consider should exist?

SS: Startups are so, so serious, there’s no amusement in it, and they consider it’s going to final forever. Well, we’re doing a opposite.  We’re going to make this final a integrate of weeks for a singular time only, and afterwards we’re gonna take it away. But we would adore to keep doing these, creation something where art meets tech meets entertainment.

BW: Companies and practice can usually be fun. They don’t have to be a billion dollar idea, they don’t have to be something that’s going to go on “Shark Tank.” Imagine us entering “Shark Tank … .”

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