Published On: Thu, Apr 20th, 2017

ID@Xbox Is The Easiest & Most Helpful Submission Process of All Platforms, Says Tequila Works

Just a few years ago, Microsoft’s Xbox One was frequently criticized by eccentric developers since it wasn’t easy to tell games on a platform.

This altered with ID@Xbox, a edition module creatively announced during Gamescom 2013 and launched in 2014. Microsoft ensured that developers purebred to ID@Xbox would have entrance to dual growth kits for giveaway and that there would be no fees to refurbish a games submitted by a program. Since then, developers have had zero though regard about it.

Tequila Works’ writer Miguel Paniagua recently pronounced to MCVUK about ID@Xbox:

I consider there’s a outrageous possibility here for everybody that isn’t a large dev team. At Tequila Works, we’re roughly 50 guys, though ID@Xbox is providing anybody starting [out] with a possibility of edition their possess plan during a same turn as a biggest teams in a industry. For tiny and new teams, that’s a outrageous chance.

The attribute we have with a ID group has been amazing. It’s unequivocally discerning communication and it’s been good and unequivocally helpful, since it was a initial time edition a diversion and we were kind of mislaid during a commencement since we didn’t know that we had so many things to understanding with. But we have to contend that a acquiescence routine with Microsoft is a easiest one of all [platforms]. We’re submitting with PS4, Xbox and Steam, and a easiest and many useful one is ID@Xbox.

Tequila Works is a Spanish group behind a arriving third-person nonplus journey diversion Rime. They’ve also worked alongside Cavalier Studios on a surprisingly good The Sexy Brutale, that Dave utterly loved.

While we might have some teenager gripes with The Sexy Brutale, we consider it’s a smashing nonplus game, one that’ll unequivocally prerogative your time. The palace is smartly designed, harking to a cleverly designed Spencer Mansion of Resident Evil, and a approach we learn about characters is desirous by one of a many singular aspects of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. The Sexy Brutale has egotistic music, a good cast, and some unequivocally gratifying puzzles. While not outstanding, it’s good value your time.

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