Published On: Mon, Jan 7th, 2019

Hyperkin To Reveal New NES Light Gun Which Works With HDTVs


Video diversion marginal builder Hyperkin has announced that it will shortly be phenomenon a code new light gun appendage that is set to work with complicated displays.

Named a ‘Hyper Blaster HD for NES’, Hyperkin describes a product as being a “first-ever commercially-produced solution” for personification Duck Hunt on a NES as it was always meant to be played. The light gun is pronounced to work on HDTV displays, overcoming a issues that forestall a strange NES Zapper peripherals from operative rightly with complicated setups.

Details are still rather slim during a impulse (the product is set to be truly showcased during CES International 2019 after this week) though a following sum have been common in a press release:

– Play Duck Hunt for a NES with a light gun on an HDTV (original Duck Hunt cartridge
and NES required)
– Includes special Hyper Blaster HD light gun
– Includes Hyper Blaster HD Adapter to concede HDTV compatibility

Alongside a Hyper Blaster HD for NES, Hyperkin is also set to exhibit a ‘RetroN DIY for SNES’ (a build-it-yourself, solder-free pack for creation your possess retro console, concordant with SNES cartridges), and a ‘RetroN S64’, that a association describes as “a cute, 64-bit epoch wharf for a Switch”.

Naturally, some-more sum on these arriving products will seem over a subsequent few days.

Do we have a duplicate of Duck Hunt on NES? Have we been anticipating for an HDTV resolution for personification light gun games? Tell us below.

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