Published On: Fri, Mar 29th, 2019

Hyper Light Drifter Is Getting Its Own TV Show From The Producer Of Netflix’s Castlevania


Hyper Light Drifter is one of a Switch eShop’s truly shining experiences, with a beautiful visuals and severe fight creation it a good further to anyone’s library of games. Now, a game’s star is set to enhance with a code new TV series.

Speaking to Polygon, a game’s creator, Alx Preston, has reliable that a uncover is now in a works and that Adi Shankar – executive writer on Netflix’s Castlevania array – is also involved. The span are in a routine of acid for writers for a uncover and are now perplexing to figure out how accurately a diversion will interpret to TV.

Preston says, “The disproportion between a array and a diversion is immeasurable in a lot of ways. Hyper Light as a diversion was flattering windy and kind of rude during times. For a series, a doubt is: how do we means and keep your courtesy on a non-interactive run? Does it get really, unequivocally dim and serious? Does it have some levity?”

Polygon explains that, only like a game, a array will expected be shabby by Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli films, quite in terms of a show’s storytelling. Preston notes, “There’s still a doubt of how most discourse we unequivocally have, if any. Could it be a some-more speechless array or would we have voice acting? Considering Hyper Light was wordless, there’s an thought there of how most that would lift over to a show.”

At this early stage, there’s no word nonetheless on when we competence get to see a final product. Rest assured, though; a creator says, “We’re going to make it cool.”

Do we like a sound of this? Will we be energetically available a shade debut? Let us know in a comments below.

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