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Human Head on Rune: Ragnarok – Not A Direct Sequel; Powered by Unreal Engine 4

It’s a good time to be a fan of Norse mythology, between a glorious Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, a arriving God of War reboot and Rune: Ragnarok, announced recently by Human Head Studios.

A sandbox open universe RPG set during a finish of a times in Norse mythology, we know really small else on Rune: Ragnarok other than there will be fighting, raiding, sailing and crafting, as wise for this kind of game.

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To try and crack a deceive of shadows surrounding a game, we reached out to Human Head Studios and they’ve been kind adequate to determine to an speak even during this early stage.

As a result, we talked with Project Director Chris Rhinehart. While a name competence not ring a bell in your minds, Rhinehart has been in a attention for good over twenty years, starting as a programmer on games like Heretic and Hexen. In 1997 he was among a founders of Human Head Studios and afterwards worked on a strange Rune; given then, he is credited as Project Lead and Writer on 2006’s Prey, as a engineer on Bioshock Infinite and as Project Lead on Batman: Arkham Origins.

It’s been a prolonged time given Rune. Why resume a authorization now?

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Rune binds a really special place in a hearts here during Human Head. It was a initial diversion we expelled behind in 2000 and we’ve wanted to emanate a supplement for years. It’s extraordinary how many fan letters and emails we accept seeking if we’ll ever emanate Rune 2!

Why now? The time was right where we had a group accessible to work on a new Rune. We found a partner peaceful to account a plan and give us a artistic leisure to emanate something that is loyal to a strange Rune nonetheless also modernizes a franchise.

Do we cruise this to be a approach supplement or otherwise?

It’s not a approach supplement in that it doesn’t continue Ragnar’s story from a strange Rune. This new diversion is set a prolonged time after a strange during a finish of days, Ragnarok.  If you’re not informed with a mythology, Ragnarok starts and a good quarrel breaks out between humans, giants, and beasts. The Gods themselves quarrel and many of them die. At a end, a universe is consumed by glow and reborn anew.

In Rune: Ragnarok, a universe has not been reborn anew. The conflict has raged on for 7 years. Most people have perished.  You’re one of a remaining humans, perplexing to tarry and move about an finish to Ragnarok.

Will there be any characters, maps etc. from 2001’s Rune?

Maps aren’t directly copied, nonetheless we are looking during what aspects of maps we can use as impulse and presumably move forward. Characters: There will really be interactions with a Gods. Which ones, exactly, will be suggested soon!

Which engine are we regulating for Rune: Ragnarok?  How prolonged has a plan been in growth and how many developers are operative on it?

We’re regulating Unreal Engine 4. Seems wise given a strange Rune was grown regulating Unreal 1!

We publicly talked about reviving Rune 2 in 2012, nonetheless we strictly started growth this year. We’ve had a lot of time to come adult with ideas given a strange Rune, though.

Ragnarok is a sincerely common thesis in Norse mythology fiction. Do we intend to supplement any sold turn to your game?

Yes, nonetheless if we suggested them now, they would stop to be twists. One turn we’ve already talked about: Ragnarok started nonetheless for some reason has not ended. It’s solidified in place, metaphorically and literally. You’re one of a final flourishing humans. You contingency find a approach to finish Ragnarok.

Where does a diversion take place? Is it one of a 9 Norse realms and if so, that one?

It takes place opposite realms that have joined when Ragnarok began. Most of a diversion takes place in Midgard.

You settled that a diversion will be a sandbox open universe RPG. Can we divulge a categorical features?

Not yet, nonetheless soon! we can contend that Brutal Melee Combat is a pivotal post of a game….

Can we speak about a fight complement you’re crafting for Rune: Ragnarok? Will there be a lot of gore?

The fight complement will be heartless and will have gore, certainly. True to a strange Rune, we can lop off your enemy’s arm and kick them to genocide with it. More information about a fight complement and controls will be suggested during a after date!

Do we already have an guess on a length of a game? Will there be side quests/content?

We have goals, nonetheless we demur to assume on how prolonged a diversion will indeed be during this point. We will share some-more about that as growth continues.

Will Rune: Ragnarok be singular actor only?

We haven’t suggested a skeleton for multiplayer yet, nonetheless sufficient it to contend that a fans are posting a lot of comments about how most they desired multiplayer in a strange Rune. We review all those comments and are listening.

Which platforms are we targeting for a initial release? On PC, what’s a odds of ancillary Mac and/or Linux?

PC initially, nonetheless we positively have Mac, Linux, and consoles in mind for a future.

Thank we for a event for this interview. We’re intensely beholden to a fans for their accepting of Rune: Ragnarok. We’ve all been watchful a prolonged time for a new Rune and we can’t wait to uncover we some-more of what we’re creating. If you’re meddlesome in following a game’s development, revisit a central website and pointer adult for a email list or check us out on Facebook.

Thank we for your time.

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