Published On: Wed, Nov 13th, 2019

HuffPost is reportedly on a auction block

Late final night a Financial Times reported that HuffPost, arguably one of a climax wealth of Verizon Media Group’s remaining network of media properties (which includes TechCrunch), is adult for sale.

Verizon has been shedding media properties in a shelter from a plan that it had begun to govern with a merger of AOL for $4.4 billion behind in 2015. Through a AOL deal, then-chief executive Tim Armstrong became a designer of a telecommunications company’s media and promotion strategy.

Armstrong’s prophesy was to hurl adult as most online genuine estate as he could while formulating a high record promotion design on a back-end that could improved aim consumers formed on their media expenditure (which a telecom association would also own).

The thought was to yield a broad-based aspirant to a strech of ad platforms on Google and Facebook that were also targeting users formed on their browsing story and interests. The advantage that Google and Facebook had was that they had a some-more holistic perspective of what consumers did online and they positioned themselves as a placement channel between media companies and users — radically redistributing their articles and videos and hoovering adult a ad dollars that had formerly left to those media companies.

The multibillion-dollar land squeeze continued when Verizon paid $4.5 billion for Yahoo in 2017.

Now it appears that Verizon has a multibillion-dollar box of buyer’s remorse. Part of a billions that Verizon spent on Yahoo was for a early amicable network Tumblr, that Yahoo had acquired for $1.1 billion behind in 2013.

Earlier this year Verizon unloaded Tumblr for a cost of a oppulance Manhattan apartment. That $3 million sale was presaged by a poignant tumble from beauty of other former high-flying media and tech properties.

Verizon is offered Tumblr to parent, Automattic

Vice was once value $5.7 billion during a tallness of a media investment bubble, though progressing this year Disney wrote down a interest in a association to probably nothing.

At slightest Vice is rising as a survivor; a association has rolled adult Refinery29. Vox Media is also doing good in a new universe of media. It bought Recode behind in 2015 and recently acquired a publisher behind New York Magazine to enhance a reach into paper publications and get a hands on a renouned New York websites Intelligencer, The Cut, Vulture and Grub Street.

Other publications like Hello Giggles, that was founded by a singer Zooey Deschanel, were sole to Time Magazine. High-fliers like BuzzFeed, HuffPost, Vice and Vox have all had to lay off staff in new months.

Vox Media acquires a association behind New York Magazine

It’s been a furious float for HuffPost, that began in 2005 as a collection of luminary bloggers brought together underneath a auspices of Arianna Huffington, from whom a site took a name.

AOL acquired The Huffington Post behind in 2011 in a understanding that was valued during $315 million reduction than a year after picking adult TechCrunch for $25 million.

Verizon announced layoffs opposite a media properties during a commencement of a year. It cut roughly 7% of a staff — or around 800 jobs — including some during HuffPost.

In a matter to a Financial Times, Verizon pronounced that it would not criticism on rumors and speculation.

Neither Verizon Media nor HuffPost responded to a ask for criticism by a time of publication.

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