Published On: Mon, Feb 27th, 2017

Hubble Image of a Week – S0/Sa Galaxy UGC 12591

New Hubble Image of Galaxy UGC 12591

This newly expelled Hubble picture shows universe UGC 12591, that is located roughly 400 million light-years away.

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope picture showcases a conspicuous universe UGC 12591. Classified as an S0/Sa galaxy, UGC 12591 sits somewhere between a lenticular and a spiral. It lies only underneath 400 million light-years divided from us in a westernmost segment of a Pisces–Perseus Supercluster, a prolonged sequence of universe clusters that stretches out for hundreds of light-years — one of a largest famous structures in a cosmos.

The universe itself is also extraordinary: it is impossibly massive. The universe and a halo together enclose several hundred billion times a mass of a Sun; 4 times a mass of a Milky Way. It also whirls turn intensely quickly, rotating during speeds of adult to 1.8 million kilometres per hour!

Observations with Hubble are assisting astronomers to know a mass of UGC 1259, and to establish either a universe simply shaped and grew solemnly over time, or either it competence have grown scarcely vast by colliding and merging with another vast universe during some indicate in a past.

Credit: ESA/Hubble NASA

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