Published On: Tue, Jul 5th, 2016

Hubble Image of a Week – A Stubborn Dwarf Galaxy

This newly expelled Hubble picture shows dwarf universe LEDA 677373, that is located about 14 million light-years away.

Dwarf galaxies are small, gloomy collections of stars and gas. Their opposite properties make them intriguing objects to astronomers, though their tiny distance means that we can usually try those that distortion closest to us, within a Local Group, such as LEDA 677373.

This sold dwarf universe contains a abundant fountainhead of gas from that it could form stars. However, it stubbornly refuses to do so. In a bid to find out why, Hubble imaged a galaxy’s particular stars during opposite wavelengths, a process that allows astronomers to figure out a star’s age. These observations showed that a universe has been around for during slightest 6 billion years — copiousness of time to form stars. So because has it not finished so?

Rather than being stubborn, LEDA 677373 seems to have been a hapless plant of a vast crime. A circuitously hulk turn galaxy, Messier 83, seems to be hidden gas from a dwarf galaxy, interlude new stars from being born.

Credit: ESA/Hubble NASA

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