Published On: Mon, Sep 18th, 2017

Huawei Mocks Apple iPhone X’s Face ID In A Video Teaser of Mate 10

Since a launch of Apple’s iPhone X, we have seen a swell in memes teasing a facial approval underline – Face ID. Most of we contingency have stumbled on a renouned Arya Stark (a lady has no name/face) memes teasing that she can now clear each phone in a Westeros. Well, it looks like all that hoax desirous Huawei to come adult with a video that takes a puncture during a iPhone X.

Huawei has posted a video on Facebook that takes an apparent puncture during Apple’s unsuccessful Face ID demo during iPhone X’s launch event. Although Apple did utterly a good pursuit during a Face ID that can’t be fooled by photos or 3D masks (as on Galaxy S8) – a initial try during a eventuality did not go as expected. The Face ID demo by Craig Federighi’s failed, that was after explained by Apple as an emanate with a demo setup not a Face ID feature.

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Regardless of Apple’s explanation, Huawei went forward to take a puncture during a incident. In a video, Huawei shows a jester who is perplexing to clear a phone, though he fails to get by a detection. The video ends with a caption “#TheRealAIPhone 16.10.17.” The name of a arriving device has not been suggested in a teaser, though we design it to be a Mate 10.

The arriving Mate 10 smartphone is rumored to come powered by Huawei’s newly announced Kirin 970 chip, that is flattering identical to Apple’s A11 chip on a new iPhones. The Kirin 970 includes an AI member – Neural Processing Unit. Even a Mate 9 was integrated with AI to learn how users use a phone to allot limit RAM and energy to a many used apps on a device.

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With this new teaser video posted on Facebook, it looks like Huawei is holding AI formation to another turn with a Mate 10 smartphone. We will get to know some-more about a device on Oct 16. For now, all we know is that Huawei has set a round rolling for comparisons with a iPhone X.

Check out a video:

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