Published On: Tue, Nov 14th, 2017

HTC cancels skeleton to recover wireless VR headset with Google in a U.S.

One of a usually questions I’ve asked HTC VR execs consistently over a past several months is either a Daydream chronicle of a arriving standalone headset would boat on time in late 2017, they have consistently pronounced it will, yet now it seems as yet a whole plan has been cancelled.

HTC and Google both reliable to TechCrunch that a Daydream-branded HTC standalone headset will no longer be entrance to a U.S. market. Google primarily announced a partnership behind in May for a standalone headset from HTC formed on a new WorldSense tracking technology.

“We still have a good attribute with Google, though will not be bringing a standalone device to a western markets on Daydream,” an HTC orator told TechCrunch in a statement.

This news comes as Facebook’s Oculus is respirating down a neck of a rest of a really tiny VR hardware marketplace with aggressively-priced detriment personality products that don’t leave a ton of room for other companies anticipating to make income on hardware. At a developer discussion final month, a association announced Oculus Go, a $199 standalone headset able of personification stationery mobile titles from a Gear VR store.

HTC says it will be focusing a resources on a Qualcomm-powered standalone for a China market, that it is pursuit a Vive Focus. Pricing has not been disclosed.

Earlier this year, HTC was forced to dump a cost of their Vive VR complement from $799 to $599 after Oculus dramatically sliced a cost of a likewise able VR complement from $798 to $399. While Oculus executives have undisguised remarkable that they are not quite meddlesome in creation income off of hardware sales, there aren’t many other options for HTC that has finished a bad pursuit of apropos a height association in a US notwithstanding being first-to-market.

While a US has been a delayed onslaught platform-wise for Vive, China has been a opposite story where a association has already grown a smartphone-based mobile VR code interjection to a program launcher tied to a Viveport calm store. At a Vive dev discussion in Shanghai today, HTC announced a Vive Wave height that pairs calm growth with syncing hardware partners behind their Viveport calm store, that HTC is anticipating to harmonize developers behind. The concentration appears to be only on China with this recover as well.

“As a VR attention personality in China, it is a avocation to assistance revoke marketplace fragmentation and yield calm developers with some-more ways to make money,” HTC Vive head Alvin Wang Graylin pronounced in a matter per a news.

Beyond a Vive headset, Google had announced that they were also operative with Lenovo on a wireless Daydream headset. Google reliable that they will still be releasing a product with Lenovo this year.

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