Published On: Wed, Dec 27th, 2017

HQ Trivia arrives on Android in Canada in beta

App-based trivia prodigy HQ Trivia is on a approach to Android, as a association formerly revealed, yet a special organisation of users can entrance it right now — Canadians. The app is now live in a Canadian Google Play Store, yet it’s an “Unreleased” beta chronicle of a live trivia diversion (via MobileSyrup).

HQ Trivia debuted on iOS progressing this year, featuring a twice daily promote of a live, interactive trivia uncover hosted by a genuine tellurian being. Players can win adult to $2,000 U.S. in prizes by personification and responding questions correctly.

The app entered singular beta contrast on Android in ubiquitous starting on Christmas, and is stability to hurl out to new testers as HQ Trivia works a approach towards a idea of carrying it accessible to all on Google’s mobile height starting on Jan 1.

People are totally spooky with this app, formed on info gleaned from my Twitter feed. I’ve never played it, yet we competence now that it’s channel a height gap, only for curiosity’s sake.

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