Published On: Tue, Sep 12th, 2017

How to watch a live tide for today’s Apple iPhone keynote

Apple is holding a keynote currently during a code new Steve Jobs Theater on Apple Campus, and a association is approaching to betray new iPhone models, a new Apple Watch as good as a new Apple TV. At 10 AM PT (1 PM in New York, 6 PM in London, 7 PM in Paris), you’ll be means to watch a eventuality as a association is streaming it live.

You know what Sep means. It means that Apple is about to betray a new iPhone. But this year is going to be opposite as a association should betray not one, not dual though 3 opposite models. There should be a new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as good as a puzzling iPhone X. There were many leaks already, though some sum are still unclear. Also, we can count on a new Apple Watch as good as a most some-more absolute Apple TV. It’s going to be a packaged event.

If we have a tide Apple TV, we can download a Apple Events app in a App Store. It lets we tide today’s eventuality and rewatch aged events. Users with aged Apple TVs can simply spin on their devices. Apple is pulling out a “Apple Events” channel so that we can watch a event.

And if we don’t have an Apple TV, a association also lets we live-stream a eventuality from a Apple Events territory on a website. This video feed usually works in Safari and Microsoft Edge; a good news is that it works on macOS, iOS and Windows 10 – chances are we have during slightest one device using Safari or Edge.

So to recap, here’s how we can watch today’s Apple event:

  • Safari on a Mac or iOS.
  • Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.
  • An Apple TV gen 4 with a Apple Events app in a App Store.
  • An Apple TV gen 2 or 3, with a Apple Events channel that arrives automatically right before a event.

Of course, we also can review TechCrunch’s live blog if you’re stranded during work and unequivocally need the interesting explanation lane to assistance we get by your day.

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