Published On: Wed, Jul 29th, 2020

How to watch large tech’s CEOs mixed with Congress on antitrust issues and more

Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Sundar Pichai and Mark Zuckerberg will urge their companies before a House Antitrust Subcommittee Wednesday in a conference that will make tech attention history, no matter what happens.

Given that a tech giants are accustomed to responding to no one in particular, collecting 4 of them on a concrete subject is important in a possess right. Remarkably, Wednesday will symbol a initial time Amazon’s CEO has faced lawmakers in a open conference — and they’re firm to have copiousness of questions for a take-no-prisoners online sell behemoth.

For Apple and Cook, who cite to stay above a public-facing domestic fray, it’s a initial time before Congress in years. Facebook and Google have both been called to Congress some-more recently, though lawmakers have still hardly scratched a aspect of dual companies that have totally reshaped complicated life.

If you’re only throwing up, review a explainer about because this whole thing is function during all and what to expect. You can also review a opening statements from Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google and skip them tomorrow so we can spend some-more time with your Nespresso or whatever it is we’re all doing to get by these days. The statements yield a good thought of how a companies will play invulnerability opposite regulators penetrating to implement some reserve facilities before we tub into a uninformed decade of violent growth.

There are a lot of unknowns streamer into a hearing. Will lawmakers remove any useful revelations or will it be 5 hours of “let us get behind to we on that?” Could tech executives conduct to be even some-more shy now that they’re appearing remotely around video chat? Will some subcommittee members lead a conference so distant into off-topic domain that we learn zero about a business practices that scaled an attention of market-owning giants? And many importantly: On a scale of one to supervillain, what kind of vibes will Bezos give off?

We wish to know a answers to all of these questions and some-more — presumably even a doubt from a lawmaker or dual — as we cover Wednesday’s events closely. If you’re meddlesome in examination it go down yourself, we can balance into a livestream right here (well, adult there) on Wednesday Jul 29 during 12PM ET.

What to design from tech’s ancestral antitrust showdown with Congress

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