Published On: Fri, Feb 10th, 2017

How To Use Android Pay On An Android Wear Smartwatch

With a proclamation of Android Wear 2.0, Google has finally taken a subsequent large step towards smartwatch revolution. The vital articulate indicate about Android Wear 2.0 is Android Pay. Yes, a NFC-based remuneration complement finally debuted on smartwatches with a latest OS version.

Being an NFC-based system, Android Pay would need your smartwatch to have NFC chip. For now, LG’s new watch – LG Watch Sport is a usually wearable that comes integrated with NFC, though that shall shortly be picked adult by other manufacturers, and a arriving smartwatches would many expected underline NFC.

Here’s how we can set adult Android Pay on your NFC-enabled smartwatch (for now, LG Watch Sport):

First off, Android Pay is an easy-to-use feature; we only need to get dual things right – Bluetooth connectivity between your smartphone smartwatch and Android Pay app on your smartphone (updated with all a credit/debit label details). After we check all a pre-requisites, open Android Pay app on your smartwatch and daub on “add card” to name a label from formerly installed cards. If we wish to supplement a new card, afterwards we will have to collect adult your phone and determine details.

To simplify, here is a step-by-step relapse of a routine mentioned above:

  1. Connect your smartwatch with your phone around Bluetooth
  2. Open Android Pay on your phone and supplement label details
  3. Verify a label details
  4. Open Android Pay app on your smartwatch and daub on “add card” to name a card

How to make payments by Android Pay regulating your LG Watch Sport

Whenever we are during a remuneration counter, simply open a Android Pay app on your smartwatch by dire a symbol during a bottom corner that launches a app right away. Now, from a app, name a label we wish to compensate with and place a tip corner of your smartwatch in front of a remuneration terminal. There will be a quivering on your smartwatch if a remuneration is supposed and a depot will also make a beeping sound to endorse a payment.

The Android Pay app on your LG Watch Sport will uncover all a cards that are saved by we in a app on your phone. To name a card, we only have to appropriate on a watch shade to see a options. You can also make another label your default remuneration label by selecting a label on a Android Pay app in your watch, after selecting a label daub on a blue bar with a parasite symbol during a bottom. Similarly, we can undo a label from Android Pay regulating your smartwatch, only name a label and double appropriate adult on it, a label will get deleted.

Easy step-by-step directions to make payments on Android Pay regulating NFC-enabled smartwatch:

  1. Open a Android Pay app on your smartwatch (for Watch Sport – press a symbol during a bottom corner of a watch to open a app directly)
  2. Choose a label we wish to compensate with
  3. To finish payment, uncover a tip corner of a watch in front of a remuneration terminal
  4. Vibration on your watch confirms a transaction

You can also close Android Pay app on your phone

Android Pay is an app that provides pinnacle application to make card-less payments, though it can also be dissipated if your device lands in wrong hands. To safeguard a confidence of Android Pay on smartwatches, user can close it with opposite kinds of close options such as PIN, Patterns, and Password.

Not Available on Android Wear 2.0 for iOS

Nope, Android Pay won’t work on your NFC-enabled smartwatch if we span it adult with an iOS device. Of course, Google will eventually describe support for Android Pay app on iOS. However, there is no specific timeline for that.


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