Published On: Tue, Sep 19th, 2017

How to Update to iOS 11 Final Without Losing Your Files or Settings – Tutorial

Here’s how we can refurbish your device to iOS 11 final but losing your files, wallpaper, photos or settings.

Update to iOS 11 Final Using Over a Air Method in Order to Retain Your Files or Settings

The final chronicle of iOS 11 is now live for everybody and users are scrambling a universe over to get their hands on it a earliest. If we are one of those people, and direly adore all that is on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, afterwards we should opt for a over a atmosphere routine in sequence to implement iOS 11 final version. It’s quick, easy, painless, and during a finish of a routine you’re left with a device that retains all from before solely that you’ll be on a latest firmware from Apple.

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Check Device Compatibility Before Updating

iOS 11 is upheld by a far-reaching operation of devices. From iPhone 5s all a approach adult to a latest iPhone X, iPad mini 2 all a approach to a mini 4, iPad 5 all a approach to a latest and biggest iPad Pro as good as a iPod hold sixth-generation. If we have an iPhone 5 or a device that’s 32-bit, afterwards we are out of luck.

Charge Your Device Beyond a 50% Mark

iOS updates don’t implement if we have reduction than 50% battery on your device. In fact, we would advise that we leave your device plugged in during a whole process. So it’s a good thought to have your wall horse accessible with we during a download and designation period.

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Connect to WiFi

You can not download iOS updates over mobile network. You contingency be connected to a WiFi network. Go to Settings WiFi in sequence to do so.

Update to iOS 11 Over a Air (OTA)

1. Assuming we have copiousness of battery life, plugged in and connected to WiFi, launch a Settings app.

2. Tap on General to open.

3. Now name Software Update during a top.

4. The page will now modernise and a iOS 11 refurbish will uncover adult in a few seconds. Tap on a Download and Install symbol during a bottom.

5. You should now see a Update Requested prompt. After a few seconds a refurbish will start to download.

6. Once a download is complete, you’ll see a pop-up seeking we to implement iOS 11 or check it. Tap on Install Now.

7. Your device will restart and you’ll foot behind into iOS 11.

8. Enter your Apple ID cue when you’re stirred for it.

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