Published On: Mon, Dec 19th, 2016

How to Save SHSH2 Blobs for Unsigned iOS Downgrade / Upgrade

Here’s how we can save your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch’s SHSH2 blobs for downgrading or upgrading to unsigned iOS firmware after regulating Prometheus.

Save Your SHSH2 Blobs Now, Allowing You to Upgrade or Downgrade to Unsigned iOS Firmware on a Fly

A new tool, called Prometheus, is all set to land on New Year’s Eve, permitting users to burst onto any chronicle of iOS that is now not being sealed by Apple. While that competence sound too good to be true, it’s value observant that there are certain prerequisites that we have to follow in sequence to flog things off.

You need to have SHSH blobs saved for a firmware we are upgrading or downgrading to. But not unchanging blobs will do; they should be saved in a new .SHSH2 format. In today’s guide, we will uncover we how to save blobs for your device, permitting we to revive behind to iOS 10.1.1, or any other firmware for that matter in a nearby future.


You can utilize tihmstar’s tsschecker apparatus to get things done, yet it competence be a small too difficult for some people. Therefore, it’s best to implement an online formed apparatus called auto-tsschecker, combined by Reddit user 1Conan, that automates a whole routine by a huge margin.

Find Your Device’s ECID Identifier

To flog things off, bond your iOS device to your mechanism around USB and launch iTunes. Once launched, name your device from a tip left palm corner. Now click on a Serial Number margin until we see your device’s ECID. Simply right-click on it and duplicate it to a protected location. The ECID we saved is in decimal. But we will need to modify it to hexadecimal format. You can do so regulating any online tool.

The iOS device we are regulating has an identifier and we can find it utterly simply by doing a discerning hunt on a Web. It looks something like this for a newer iPhone 7 models: iPhone 9,1 or iPhone 9,2 and so on. If we can’t find anything on a Web though, afterwards be certain to check out this couple for some help:

Save SHSH2 Blobs

Once we have followed a above steps, open a following couple in your Web browser:

You will be compulsory to enter your ECID (in hexadecimal) and identifier. Once done, simply click on a Submit button. The SHSH2 blobs will be saved there and then.

Please make certain we save a ensuing couple in a protected place differently we will be left in limbo. But if we your ECID during hand, afterwards we do have a choice of gripping your blobs in tact. Just revisit a couple above for some-more details.

I will rarely suggest saving your blobs right now, generally if we are a jailbreaker. If we unequivocally don’t caring about a jailbreak or a routine of downgrading, afterwards we competence continue but worrying about anything during all.

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