Published On: Tue, Mar 14th, 2017

How to Remove a Spotlight Search Bar from iOS 10

If we are worried by that Spotlight hunt bar on your iPhone regulating iOS 10, afterwards here’s how we can mislay it once and for all.

NoSpot10 Jailbreak Tweak Gets Rid of Spotlight Search from iOS 10

Spotlight hunt is a useful component in iOS that has been there for a prolonged duration of time. Wherever we are, possibly we are personification a diversion or listening to music, bringing adult Spotlight hunt is as easy as pulling down on a Notification Center. But for some users, it’s a many invalid thing on a world as it only gets in a approach of everything, even when we are on a home screen.

Thanks to a small jailbreak tweak called NoSpot10, we can get absolved of Spotlight hunt totally from iOS 10. This means whenever we lift down on a home screen, or move into perspective Notification Center, we will not be greeted with a bruise steer of Spotlight anymore. Also, that lift down gesticulate for bringing adult Spotlight from a home shade can be infirm regulating this tweak as well.

Compatible with iOS 10.

NoSpot10 gives we a options to Hide a Entire Field of Search Bar and Disable a Gestures of a Spotlight on iOS 10.

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Configure options from Settings.

Everything can be configured directly from a Settings app, and a software does come with a accessible toggle to spin a tweak on or off. Also, we have an choice to possibly invalidate only a Spotlight hunt bar from everywhere or only a pull-down gesticulate from a home shade to activate it.

As a name of a tweak implies, it works on iOS 10 like a boss. And it can be downloaded right divided from a BigBoss repo for a pretentious cost of only 0 dollars. If we are not a fan of Spotlight on your iPhone during all, and occur to be jailbroken on iOS 10, afterwards this is a jailbreak tweak to have underneath your belt.

Let us know in a comments territory next if we take a tweak for a spin. we am certain many users out there will conclude a functionality it brings to a table.

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