Published On: Wed, Feb 8th, 2017

How to Remove Social Accounts from macOS

Here’s a finish step by step beam on how to mislay amicable accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and some-more from macOS.

Remove Social Accounts from macOS and Dive into Perfect Silence – Here’s How

macOS has built-in amicable facilities that concede we to share a discerning standing refurbish on Twitter, share a print on Facebook and more. It’s utterly handy, and something that many will find immensely useful as good given it ties in easily with a altogether demeanour and feel of a handling system. But, during times, traffic with a amicable network competence be a final thing on your list. In that case, we competence wish to overpower things for good.

There are dual routes we can take – possibly deactivate a amicable comment in macOS, or remove it totally so that we don’t have to understanding with it during all. We are going to cover both, given a options for doing both distortion in a accurate same settings page.


This educational is germane usually to those who have set adult a amicable comment on their Mac natively regulating macOS. Signing in from a Web browser usually does not count.

1. Launch System Preferences. Either do so from a Dock, Launchpad or click on a Apple trademark idol in a menu bar and afterwards click on System Preferences.

2. In a list of accessible options, click on Internet Accounts. You will find this in a third row.

3. Once here, we will see all a accounts we have sealed into. Whether they are your email accounts or amicable ones, they all live in this section. Simply name a amicable comment we wish to invalidate from macOS. Then click on a ‘Enable this account’ checkbox during a bottom. Once a checkmark is removed, that amicable comment will no longer be used.

4. If we wish to mislay a comment wholly from macOS, afterwards name a comment from a left palm side, afterwards click on a ‘-‘ symbol during a bottom.

With a amicable accounts prolonged left from macOS, we can rest positive that we can entirely focus on capability while regulating your Mac. Until or unless we have a pursuit that requires we to be on Facebook and Twitter all a time.

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