Published On: Fri, Jun 16th, 2017

How to make $300M in dual months betting on groceries

Today, Amazon done a bid to buy Whole Foods — a grocery sequence — for $13.7 billion.

That soon sent a batch adult around 30%. And it also looks flattering good deliberation a story in a past year, in that a stability vital strike came as an romantic financier went after a company in April. That investor, Jana Partners, has around an 8% interest in Whole Foods, that will spin out to be a large asset for a firm.

Of course, it’s no Amabump. But in a past year, Whole Foods has been adult around 42% — and afterwards a tech association motionless to buy them and a batch went bonkers.

Anyway, doctrine learned: attract an romantic financier that wants to repair a association and afterwards follow that adult with a large tech and logistics hulk creation a outrageous bid to buy you.

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