Published On: Wed, Apr 19th, 2017

How to Increase / Decrease UI Text Size on Apple Watch

If a content in a Apple Watch UI (watchOS) appears to be too little or large, afterwards here’s how we can change a content distance on a fly.

Adjust a Text Size of Your Apple Watch for Better Legibility

The Apple Watch has a little display. This is something very noticeable if we ‘accidentally’ bought a 38mm surrounding indication for yourself. Thankfully though, if we wish to boost a content distance to fit your needs, afterwards here’s what we should do.


1. Press on a Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to go to a home screen.

2. Find and daub on a Settings app icon.

3. Now name Brightness Text Size.

4. Select Text Size.

5. Simply adjust a slider until a content seems only right for we to read.

The cold thing here is that if we have an app commissioned on a Apple Watch that supports Dynamic Type, afterwards it too will see a content distance being altered. So basically, this underline is not singular to a watchOS UI itself, instead it affects commissioned apps too, such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger, etc.

While we are personification around with Dynamic Type, it’s best to check out opposite apps before settling for a sold content size. Larger rise competence lead to instances where we see yourself frantically scrolling by pages of content with a Digital Crown, that can get irritating after a certain duration of time. Text distance too small, on a other hand, competence force we to flicker your eyes each singular time whenever a presentation comes through. The ideal rise distance exists, it is only watchful to be detected by you, so keep experimenting.

Personally, we would suggest going for a 42mm box indication of a Apple Watch as things are distant some-more easier to access, navigate and read on a display. Furthermore, given we are opting for a incomparable device, therefore it packs a incomparable battery inside as well. While it competence not give we an additional day of battery life, though an additional few hours or even mins on tip of what we would get really helps.

In a meantime, use your rise size.

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