Published On: Wed, Apr 12th, 2017

How to Increase Apple Watch Haptic Feedback Intensity

Here’s how we can boost a haptic feedback intensity of your Apple Watch so that we never miss a presentation ever again.

watchOS Lets You Increase a Haptic Feedback Intensity of Your Apple Watch – Here’s How

The Apple Watch is a smashing tiny prolongation of your iPhone, permitting we to fast peek during notifications and take actions but carrying to whip out your smartphone from your pocket. However, if a haptic feedback power is set to a bear smallest on your Apple Watch, afterwards blank out on something critical can turn sincerely common in your daily routine. In sequence to fight this problem, a best thing to do is boost a haptic feedback power while also enabling a built-in Prominent Haptic feature. The latter, when enabled, will pre-announce certain notifications regulating a complicated quivering pattern, ensuring we don’t skip anything during all.


1. On your Apple Watch, press a Digital Crown to go to a home screen, then open a Settings app.

2. Scroll down and afterwards daub on Sounds Haptics.

3. See that Haptic Strength slider? Crank it adult to series 3, and also daub to capacitate a Prominent Haptic feature.

From here on in, whenever we accept a notification, you’ll feel a complicated hum on your wrist. This is a good thing obviously, given we won’t be means to skip anything during all. But a apparent downside of this underline is that it might impact battery life to some extent, given how most notifications we see pouring in on a daily basis. Still, it shouldn’t be too extreme during all. It’s best to examination around a tiny before achieving a optimal turn of haptic feedback on your Apple Watch for daily use.

It would have been good if a Apple Watch had a built-in underline for formulating tradition quivering patterns, most like how we can emanate one on an iPhone for incoming calls. But given how tiny a device is, I’m certain Apple has a reasons for omission such a thing.

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