Published On: Thu, Feb 2nd, 2017

How to Hide Comments from Facebook Live Stream on Mobile

Here’s how we can censor comments from a Facebook Live tide on iPhone, iPad or Android device for an even some-more immersive experience.

Hide Comments From Facebook Live and Focus Solely on a Content Itself

Depending on a form of content we are streaming around Facebook Live, comments can possibly infer to be a godsend or finish nonsense. If we trust a latter is gathering adult some-more than ever, afterwards a apparent thing to do on a Facebook Live tide is to censor comments altogether. It’s indeed a really painless process, and anyone can do it right away. Pick adult your mobile device and we will uncover we how.


1. First and inaugural make certain we have a Facebook for iOS or Android app commissioned on your mobile device. Once downloaded and installed, launch a app.

2. Now hunt down a Facebook Live tide and daub to open it. In other words: make it full-screen.

3. By default, a comments will start to flow in like wildfire during a bottom along with like and reactions subsequent to them. They are annoying, though a doubt.

4. Swipe right on a arrangement and we will burst true into ‘Video-Only Mode.’ The comments and reactions will now go away.

5. Swipe left on a arrangement and we can exhibit a comments and reactions once more. Just like magic.

If a sold live tide has thousands of viewers during a time, afterwards gripping a comments incited off is a apparent thing to do. There’s no indicate in withdrawal something incited on if we can’t locate adult with it during all. But during times, people tend to post some violent small gems in a comments territory that we can’t omit during all. Besides, customarily in such streams, a video calm is usually ‘meh.’ So because not have fun in a comments territory instead, right?

Wrap Up

Facebook Live is a good approach to correlate with people there and then. Though there’s a prolonged approach to go before people start regulating a use on a daily basis, though a substructure stones have been laid in a best probable demeanour for large media houses. It’s usually a matter of time a common male will implement a underline scrupulously to unearth some epic content.

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