Published On: Wed, Jul 12th, 2017

How to Give Your Galaxy S8 & S8+ an Instant Speed Boost

Is your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ feeling a tad bit slower than usual? Here’s how we can give it a large speed boost in no time.

Turn Down a Animations and Make Your Galaxy S8 S8+ Instantly Snappier

Despite make-up a lot of absolute hardware underneath a hood, a Galaxy S8 can get a small indolent when confronted with a ton of apps and games. Even with that, a phone manages things utterly good compared to a competition. But, not good adequate for a certain set of users who direct some-more of all no matter what. That’s where we come in, to safeguard that your ahead-of-time smartphone habits are over promptly.

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While we can’t ‘download’ some-more RAM onto your device to make it snappier, though there’s one thing we can do – branch off complement animations. So, rather than watchful for an app, game, content message, print etc. to come into view, slowed down by an animation, wouldn’t it be good if things happened in a snap? Let us uncover we how we can spin off complement animations off on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+.


1. Before we even pierce onto step 2, make certain we have enabled a Galaxy S8 Developer Options. Once enabled, lapse to this guide.

2. Open Developer Options by going to Settings and afterwards scrolling all a approach down.

3. Scroll down in Developer Options and we will find 3 entries – Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator generation scale. Set all a values to None.

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That’s it. Just press a home symbol and you’ll notice how things are distant some-more present than before. Turning off animations is quite useful in situations where we have a lot of tasks during palm and zero should delayed we down, not even animations.

But of course, branch down animations competence make a whole Galaxy S8 knowledge a small ‘ancient.’ So we would advise branch things behind to how they were once we are done. Or, keep them that approach if we wish a ambience of speed for an extended duration of time.

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