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How to get your photos featured on Apple’s Shot on iPhone billboards

Been nearby a billboard recently? You’ve substantially seen some pretentious photographs with “Shot on iPhone” plastered underneath. As a photographer, we competence have felt a pang of envy; because aren’t your photos adult there for a universe to see?

I tracked down Jordan Ison, one of the photographers featured in Apple’s many new campaign, to find out how his images came to be featured in a world’s biggest art exhibition.

First contact

“I take a lot of photos and we get a lot of spam associated to those photos,” says Ison, “but in this box we perceived dual unequivocally mysterious emails from dual opposite people a same agency. There was something about them that done me reply. I’m blissful we did!”

The print Apple finished adult featuring in a Shot on iPhone campaign 

When a budding photographer did respond to a email, the first thing a organisation did was to put an impossibly despotic NDA in front of him. He signed, definition he couldn’t speak about anything, to anyone, for any reason; in fact, Ison was hesitant to even name a agency.

“You wouldn’t trust what a clarity of privacy there is,” Ison laughs. “We have a Facebook organisation for a people who are featured in a 2016 campaign. When people have communication with a agency, they never discuss names in a Facebook group. It’s always ‘my contact’ and ‘the agency,’ never names.”

While Ison never told me a name of a agency, it’s open believe that a promotion organisation in doubt is TBWA, regulating their Media Arts Lab sub-brand to strech out to photographers.

Selection process

Ison started his detailed tour when he initial bought an iPhone 4.

Jordan Ison in front of a billboard in San Francisco featuring his photo.

Jordan Ison in front of a billboard in San Francisco featuring his photo.

“I’d never unequivocally taken photos before we bought an iPhone,” he says, as he’s fiddling with a camera tag on a Rolleiflex he brought with him to a speak — a unequivocally opposite form of camera than a iPhone. “But as shortly as we started holding cinema and posting them on Instagram, it woke a new hobby in me.”

From a start, Ison was tagging his photos on Instagram, including a #shotoniphone hashtag. That was a commencement of a robe that would eventually land his photographs on billboards all over a world.

The organisation contacted intensity participants in a Shot on iPhone debate with a unequivocally elementary message. “My customer wants to use your sketch for something they are doing,” a emails read, cryptically. The plan usually had a codename — that Ison declined to share with me, that seems true out of a view film to me.

“The routine was interesting. They gave me zero to go off of. They didn’t contend it was a Shot on iPhone debate until a unequivocally end,” he shrugs.

“They indeed wanted to speak to me about a opposite print during first,” Ison says, display me a beautiful shot of a Bonneville Salt Flats on his phone, “but they also asked me if we had any other shots they could take a demeanour at. I sent them half a dozen shots, and in a finish that was lucky: They went with another print than a one they had found.”

The print Apple’s ad organisation wanted to use during first

“They found a images regulating a hashtag on Instagram,” Ison explains. “But they contingency have seen my Tumblr as well, as we don’t have my email residence on my Instagram account.”

Jumping by hoops

“For any print we submitted, a organisation wanted a extensive petition filled in. They wanted to know a resources for because we motionless to take a print and a story behind it,” Ison told me. “The context for a photos seemed unequivocally critical to them; they wanted to know a who, why, where and what in depth.”

The organisation also asked a photographers to pointer a stipulation that they owned a copyright to a photographs and that they were peaceful to let a organisation use a photos for blurb purposes. The photographers were paid for a use of a images, though not as many as we competence think.

The eye-catching posters can be seen on posters and billboards all over a world. How's that for an expanded art exhibition!

The eye-catching photos can be seen on posters and billboards all over a world. How’s that for an expanded art exhibition!

“I was paid many improved than we would routinely be paid for a batch image,” Ison says, though wanting to hold a accurate amount.

“Was it around $2,000?” we asked, picking a series out of a air.

“It was reduction than that,” Ison admits.

“The organisation would dump hints, observant they were still selecting and curating a photographs, and would tell me we was still in a running, though also done it transparent that zero would be final until a billboards went up,” says Ison, adding that a four-month routine was filled with mystery.

He didn’t find out that his photos had done a final differentiate until 4 days before a billboards went adult in locations around a world, though knows that his photos have been featured all over a place, including in some-more than a dozen magazines, smaller billboards all over a universe and — a biggest enrich of all — on mural-sized billboards in San Francisco, Minneapolis, Milan, Berlin, Kuala Lumpur, Perth and Guangzhou.

“Being featured in a debate is both sparkling and a bit humbling,” Ison says, though he is picturesque about a impact it will have on his detailed career. “I competence get some-more courtesy from this, though we competence not. The critical thing to me is that it spurs me on to keep holding photographs. Knowing that my photos are good adequate to be used in a debate like this is unequivocally motivating.”


The photographers in a stream Shot on iPhone debate have tracked any other down on Facebook, and are pity any other's photographs from buildings around a world.

The photographers in a stream Shot on iPhone debate have tracked any other down on Facebook and are pity any others’ photographs from buildings around a world. In this case, one of a group’s members found Ison’s print covering a side of a selling mall in Guangzhou, China.

How to get featured in a Shot on iPhone campaign

This year's debate was called 'colors'. Each of a photos is roughly monochromatic.

This year’s debate was called ‘colors.’ Each of a photos is roughly monochromatic.

Want your print to be a subsequent to be illuminated up, featured, a distance of a side of a building, in countries all around a world?

There’s no sorcery bullet for removing picked, but here are 5 tips that should increase the chances of your photos floating to a tip of a pile:

  • Shoot on a many new iPhone Apple makes. It doesn’t matter if we take an overwhelming shot with an iPhone 5 — they’ll usually wish to foster a many new indication iPhone.
  • Tag your photos diligently on Instagram and make certain a rest of your Instagram feed is high quality, as well. Tagging with #shotoniphone and #shotoniphone6s is a good idea, though conflict a enticement to spam your images with tons of hashtags.
  • Keep a strange files. Apple will determine that a print was unequivocally taken by we and that it was really taken on a phone we explain we used; in this case, an iPhone 6s.
  • Make it easy to find your hit details. The organisation will have thousands of people to select from; if we make it tough to email you, they’re not going to bother.
  • Keep an eye on your email — we never know when you’ll get a daub on your shoulder!
  • Take overwhelming photos. Okay, so maybe this should be tip series 1…

Good luck!

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