Published On: Fri, Mar 10th, 2017

How to Force Close an App on Apple Watch Running watchOS 3

Here’s how we can force tighten an nonchalant app on Apple Watch using watchOS 3 in a few easy steps.

Unresponsive App? Don’t Worry – Just Force Close it on your Apple Watch

watchOS 3 is a absolute small handling complement that drives a Apple Watch. And like any program from any source during all, it is disposed to giving adult a spook during times. When that happens there are a few things that we can do. Force restarting a whole Apple Watch is one option. But a boot-up time is so immense, a user competence not wish to go by so most trouble. So, what else can we do? You take a track of force shutting an app instead, though unfortunate anything else during all. We will uncover we how it’s done.


1. Bring into perspective a nonchalant app that we wish to force close. In fact, this works with any app during all.

2. Now reason down a Power button compartment we see a slip to energy down screen. Let go of a Power symbol when we see a screen.

3. Hold down a Digital Crown compartment we find yourself on a Apple’s Watch’s home screen. When that happens, only let go of a Digital Crown.

The app has tighten down for good and we can now launch it in a uninformed demeanour from a belligerent up. Also, this is a good approach of clearing your Apple Watch’s RAM as good given we are using into opening issues in a initial place. But of course, we have to quit any app one during a time. A unpleasant process, during slightest we will get some opening to play around with in return.

Remember one thing – we have lonesome how to tighten nonchalant apps before as good (details here) though that process is no longer germane with he recover of watchOS 3. If we follow a stairs from a prior beam with watchOS 3 we will finish adult initiating an Emergency SOS trouble call. Obviously, we don’t wish to do that if we are sitting absolutely on a couch.

Let us know what we consider about today’s tip in a comments territory below. And before we conduct out, make certain we check out a following tutorial:

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