Published On: Thu, Oct 5th, 2017

How to Find Previously Purchased Apps & Games in iOS 11 App Store

The new iOS 11 App Store moves certain things around utterly a bit. If we can’t find your formerly ‘Purchased’ apps or games, afterwards let us assistance we out.

Apple Moved a Purchased Section in iOS 11 App Store to a New Location. Previous Position Was Far Better.

Previously, a App Store for iOS inclination was designed in such a approach that it authorised users to re-download their formerly purchased (or downloaded) apps or games in a snap. Just daub on a Updates add-on during a bottom and afterwards name Purchased during a top. With a recover of iOS 11, users have beheld that going to a Updates territory usually shows we app updates, zero more. The Purchased territory is now gone, creation everybody trust that Apple competence have private it altogether. But don’t panic, it’s still there, solely that it has been changed to a some-more problematic location. Makes us consternation why.

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Location of Purchased Section in New iOS 11 App Store.

Launch a App Store and daub on possibly Games, Apps or a Updates add-on during a bottom. Now daub on your avatar on a tip right palm corner. Now name Purchased. You’ll immediately see your formerly downloaded or purchased apps and games listed here.

If we have a creatively easy device during hand, afterwards a dismissal of a Purchased territory from a common position competence have come as a warn for you. It did for me as well. But thankfully, a new location, now that we know about it, will come in accessible for those who were totally unknowingly about it.

This isn’t a usually thing Apple has changed in iOS 11. AirDrop settings and even a Auto-Brightness toggle switch have found a new home in this new program release. It’s transparent that there are some things in Apple’s program that we shouldn’t fiddle around with that often. we unequivocally wish a preference to pierce a Purchased territory to a new plcae wasn’t partial of that plan.

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