Published On: Thu, Jul 6th, 2017

How to Enable ‘Type to Siri’ in iOS 11 Running on iPhone & iPad

Here’s how we can capacitate Type to Siri on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11, permitting we to correlate with Siri regulating a keyboard instead of voice.

Enable Type to Siri in iOS 11 to Interact with a Virtual Assistant Using a On-Screen Keyboard

While Siri is useful in a lot of cases, it creates a user mount out from a throng when interacted with in a open place. Sure, we can go forward and crater your palm around your iPhone or iPad’s mic and make a discerning query, though it doesn’t utterly assistance given Siri will have a tough time know your wheeze by all that ambient noise. So, what’s a resolution to this problem? You form your query to Siri instead. In iOS 11, we can do that, and enabling this underline is a travel in a park. Once enabled, adult and running, we can launch Siri and a on-screen keyboard will cocktail right up. Now we can form divided and Siri will chuck a respond during we as it would regulating voice.

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Enable Type to Siri in iOS 11

1. Launch a Settings app from a home shade on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Scroll down and daub on General.

3. Now find a Accessibility entrance and open it.

4. Look for Siri and open that too.

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5. See that Type to Siri toggle switch? Just spin it ON.

In sequence to check if a changes are in effect, launch Siri by possibly dire and holding a Home symbol or observant ‘Hey Siri.’ Instead of a common Siri interface, we should now see a keyboard immediately come up. Type divided and Siri will chuck replies during we like it should.

It’s been rumored for utterly a prolonged time that Siri would be entrance to Messages app so that users can correlate with it. Apple didn’t even announce such a underline for iOS 11, and instead we got a underline that has been summarized above. There’s a high probability that Siri is not prepared for primary time use in Messages app only yet. While during a same time there’s a probability that could finish adult being an iPhone 8-exclusive feature. Then again, what’s so special about integrating Siri in a Messages app that warrants shopping a new iPhone?

Think about it.

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