Published On: Wed, May 31st, 2017

How to Enable Guest Mode in iOS 10 Devices

Here’s how we can capacitate guest mode on iPhone, iPad, iPod hold inclination using iOS 10.

GuestMode Jailbreak Tweak Updated for iOS 10 – Ensures Privacy and Allows Guest Users to Have their Own Personal Space

With iOS 11 due for an announcement, there’s a probability that Apple competence finish adult obliging users with facilities that everybody actually want. Guest mode is one of them for sure. But until that happens, we have to make do with a tough work of a jailbreak village for new and innovative features.

Released a prolonged time back, a jailbreak tweak called GuestMode has been updated for iOS 10. As a name implies, it adds a guest mode to your iPhone or iPad, permitting we to palm over your device to someone else though carrying to worry about remoteness during all.

Such a tweak is useful in a situation where we do not wish anyone to meddler in on your personal information during all. Admit it, we all have that one crony that jumps true into a Photos app and swipes a small too distant for no reason during all. GuestMode 2 counters that in a really fit fashion.

GuestMode gives we a ability to share your device openly and still strengthen your privacy. Let a kids play games on your device though worrying about them looking during your messages/calling people. Let your friends control your music, though not meddler by your photos or Safari tabs. You select accurately that apps are permitted and that ones aren’t.

Once download and commissioned from a BigBoss repo, a macOS-style ‘Guest’ idol appears on a close screen. Tapping that takes we to a home shade that’s totally apart from your possess personal profile.

The good thing about this tweak is that we have sum control over a guest mode section. You get to confirm what a other chairman sees and what they shouldn’t. If we wish them to see zero some-more than a Phone and Safari apps, we can do that. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Everything can be configured true from a Settings app and there are copiousness of options to play around with it. This means we can grasp a ideal guest mode setup that is only right.

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