Published On: Wed, Jul 12th, 2017

How to Enable Galaxy S8 Developer Options – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Here’s how we can capacitate a Galaxy S8 Developer Options in a few easy steps. This educational is germane for Galaxy S8+ users too.

Enable Galaxy S8 Developer Options for More Control Over Your Device – That’s What Android is All About

The out of a box smartphone knowledge is some-more than adequate to keep a user bustling for a prolonged duration of time. Sure, we can download third-party apps and whatnot to take a knowledge even further. But wouldn’t it be good if there was a approach to tinker around with your device even some-more on a batch level? That’s where a ‘Developer Options’ row of an Android device comes in. It houses a lot of opposite facilities that are meant to be for ‘developers only.’ Of course, it never hurts a normal user to try them out.

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In today’s tutorial, we’ll be training users how to capacitate Developer Options on a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. It’s a elementary travel in a park, so collect adult your device and follow my lead.

Enable Galaxy S8 Developer Settings Tutorial

1. First and inaugural move down a notifications shade and daub on a Settings (cogwheel) idol during a tip right palm corner. Alternatively, we can open adult Settings from a app drawer as good by shifting adult on a (stock) home screen.

2 Now corkscrew all a approach down and name About Phone.

3. Tap on Software Information.

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4. See that Build Number entry? Start drumming on it compartment we see an on-screen prompt saying that you’re a developer.

In sequence to endorse that a Developer Options have been unbarred for you, only go behind to a categorical Settings page and corkscrew all a approach down. You should see a Developer Options entrance during a really bottom.

A Little Warning for Users…

Developer Options are good and all, though don’t go overboard with certain aspects of it. There is a high possibility that changing certain values competence describe your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ somewhat unusable, forcing we to possibly reset your phone or invalidate Developer Options altogether. It’s best to review by what we are removing into first, afterwards start experimenting with it.

Start off with a Force GPU Rendering option, that does accurately what a name implies – army use GPU via a handling system. This will give we high opening in opposite places, though can be a heartless weight on a battery.

Like we said: examination around and find a right mix.

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