Published On: Tue, Sep 12th, 2017

How to Downgrade tvOS 11 GM Back to tvOS 10 – Tutorial

Here’s how we can hillside tvOS 11 GM behind to tvOS 10 on Apple TV in a few easy steps.

Downgrade tvOS 11 GM to tvOS 10 if You Believe You Made a Mistake

Whether we are a developer or a open beta tester, a tvOS 11 GM is now accessible to we over a atmosphere as a giveaway download. Developers, on a other hand, have a oppulance of installing a firmware from scratch, given they have entrance to a revive files true from Apple itself. But, if for some reason, we trust that we have done a mistake updating to tvOS 11 GM, afterwards we have a finish choice of rolling behind to tvOS 10, as prolonged as Apple is signing a aforementioned firmware from a end. All we need is a USB-C cable, an designation of iTunes on your PC or Mac and a small bit of patience.

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Downgrade tvOS 11 GM to tvOS 10 – Tutorial

The hillside routine will erase all off your Apple TV. Be change of this fact before we go forward with a tutorial.

  • Download a tvOS 10.2.2 firmware record from this link. Save it to your desktop for easy entrance after on.
  • Using a USB-C cable, bond your Apple TV to your PC or Mac. Make certain a energy wire is plugged in too.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Once iTunes is in view, name your Apple TV from a top left palm corner.
  • Now, see that ‘Restore Apple TV’ button? Click it, though while holding down a left ‘Option’ pivotal (Mac) or a left ‘Shift’ pivotal (Windows). A new window will come into view.
  • Select a tvOS 10.2.2 firmware record from step 1 and let iTunes start a revive process.

It’s essential during this indicate that we do not fiddle around with iTunes until a revive routine is complete. Once it is, iTunes will ask we to unplug your Apple TV and bond it behind to your TV. You are now prepared to set adult your Apple TV from scratch, and implement apps as needed.

Quite frankly, we wouldn’t suggest downgrading behind to tvOS 10.x until or unless we have a genuine reason during hand. For example, opening associated issues. But with tvOS 11, all works buttery well-spoken interjection to Apple forging a program to work seamlessly with a hardware itself.

Do let us know in a comments territory next either or not we downgraded from tvOS 11 GM true to tvOS 10.x.

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