Published On: Tue, Oct 17th, 2017

How to Disable Automatically Playing App Previews in iOS 11 App Store

Here’s a finish step by step beam on how to invalidate automatically personification app previews in a new iOS 11 App Store.

Disable Video Autoplay for App Previews in iOS 11 App Store to Save Precious Data.

The App Store was unfailing for a vital overhaul, and Apple delivered on that front with a recover of iOS 11. It creates a routine of going by apps and previewing them a very, really sparkling prospect. Apple even went by a difficulty of enabling video previews by default, so we don’t have to meddle in sequence to check them out. These previews are small video snippets that uncover what we can design from a app or diversion once you’ve downloaded it. Call it a trailer of sorts, if we may.

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While a autoplaying previews are good and all, though it can infer to be a small fatiguing on your WiFi network or mobile data. Therefore it’s a good thought to spin a underline off given it is incited on by default. Follow a stairs next and you’ll be adult and using in no time.


1. Launch a Settings app from your iOS 11 home screen.

2. Scroll down and daub on iTunes App Store.

3. Now daub on Video Autoplay.

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4. Select Off and press a Home symbol to go behind where we started.

Launch a App Store, name any app that competence have a video preview, and you’ll notice that it does not play automatically. This means we won’t aria your WiFi network or mobile stipend during all from here on in. But of course, we do mattock a oppulance of automatically personification previews. You can return behind to a strange changes if we so desire.

Personally, we find these app previews intensely accessible as it gives me a outrageous discernment into what we can design after I’ve split with my money. Obviously, everybody competence not share a sentiments as we do.

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