Published On: Mon, Oct 9th, 2017

How to Dial Any Phone Number From Apple Watch – watchOS 4 Tips

With watchOS 4, we can dial a tender phone series true from your Apple Watch. Here’s how we can do it right away.

watchOS 4 Adds a Dialer to Apple Watch, Allowing You to Dial Phone Numbers Straight from Your Wrist.

The Apple Watch is a smashing small device that allows we to make and accept phone calls true from your wrist. But a problem (before watchOS 4) is that we were not means to dial phone numbers, and we were cramped to contacts saved on your iPhone. If we were to dial a pointless number, afterwards we had to take out your iPhone in sequence to do so. Not accurately available by any means.

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Thankfully, with watchOS 4, Apple has combined a full-blown dialer to a Phone app on Apple Watch. Once we open it up, you’ll see an additional choice labeled ‘Keypad.’ Just daub on it and you’re prepared to dial any series we want, but being limited to contacts saved on your device.

If we do not have watchOS 4 commissioned on your Apple Watch, we can still dial numbers. But there’s one problem: we have to download a third-party app in sequence to do so, that is a track many will not be fervent to take. There’s something really gratifying about carrying a ability to perform certain tasks natively rather than relying on third-party program in sequence to grasp a same.

watchOS 4 is a large refurbish for those who rest on a Apple Watch when it comes to operative out. It adds a garland of new facilities on that finish while also throwing in some gloss in other areas. The local phone dialer is one such addition.

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I rarely suggest that we give watchOS 4 a download right now, if we haven’t already. It’s an positively giveaway update, and one that breathes a whine of uninformed atmosphere in your wearable, regardless of a indication during hand. No joke intended.

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