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How to Create macOS High Sierra USB Installer Drive for Clean Install

Here’s a finish step by step educational on how to emanate a macOS High Sierra USB installer expostulate right on your Mac for purify install.

Learn to Create a macOS High Sierra USB Installer Disk for Clean Installation.

If we are looking to purify implement macOS High Sierra on your Mac, afterwards carrying a USB installer hoop is a must. In today’s guide, we will uncover we how to emanate one in a finish step by step fashion. But before we dive in, there are a integrate of things we contingency do before we finish adult with a macOS High Sierra USB installer drive. Starting with downloading a macOS High Sierra picture record from a Mac App Store.

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Download a macOS High Sierra Image File.

If we don’t have a macOS High Sierra picture file, afterwards we have to download it first. You can download it from a couple posted below.

  • Download macOS High Sierra [Mac App Store link]

Once a download is complete, do not implement it. Just leave a picture record as it is in a Applications folder.

Format USB Drive Which You’re Going to Use as Installer Source.

This is an intensely essential step. Get yourself an 8GB (or more) USB peep drive. Once we do, block it in your Mac and follow a stairs accurately as they’re summarized below. Please do not make changes that are not summarized in a guide.

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1. Plug in your USB expostulate to your Mac and afterwards launch Disk Utility. You can launch it by opening Spotlight Search, afterwards do a discerning hunt for Disk Utility.

2. Once Disk Utility is in view, name your USB expostulate from a accessible choices on a left afterwards click on a Erase symbol during a top.

3. Without changing anything during all, click on a Erase button. Refer to a screenshot subsequent to make certain we haven’t finished any change even by mistake.

macOS High Sierra USB InstallerOnce a USB is finished erasing, pierce on to a subsequent step.

Create macOS High Sierra USB Installer.

This is a final step in a USB installer creation guide. Also, this is a step that we have to get positively right differently all efforts will go to waste. It’s best to review by a beam several times before eventually punching in a authority itself.

All set? Let’s begin.

1. Plug in a formatted USB expostulate to your Mac. If it’s already plugged in afterwards pierce on to a subsequent step.

2. Launch Terminal. Open adult Spotlight Search and do a discerning hunt of Terminal and strike a Return pivotal on a keyboard.

3. Now, with a USB plugged in, form in a following authority accurately as it is. There’s no possibility of blunder during all. Also, see those single, prolonged dashes? They’re indeed double dashes. The website rise is creation them seem like that. Refer to a screenshot right underneath a authority and you’ll see immediately what I’m holding about here.

sudo /Applications/Install macOS –volume /Volumes/Untitled –applicationpath /Applications/Install macOS

You’ll be compulsory to enter your Mac’s login password, so greatfully do so when stirred for it.

The whole process, if followed correctly, will take no some-more than a few minutes. If we have a USB 3.0 drive, afterwards you’ll boost by a routine like a champ.

Now we can pierce on to a subsequent large step – purify installing macOS High Sierra. Check out the beam subsequent for some-more details.

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