Published On: Tue, Dec 27th, 2016

How to Create a Share Link for Photos & Videos in Google Photos

Here’s how we can simply emanate a share couple for specific photos and videos in Google Photos for iOS, Android and a Web.

Create a Share Link and Simplify a Process of Sending Photos  Videos Over to Someone Else

Sharing photos and videos with friends and family members should be a square of cake task. It shouldn’t engage we doing a ton of legwork such as attaching files to an email or something similar. It should be as easy as visiting a couple on a Web, and from there, things should only take off.

Google Photos has simplified a routine of subsidy adult photos and videos by a outrageous margin. Things are taken by a roof when we come to comprehend how easy it is to share those corroborated adult photos and videos with literally anyone during all. You can simply conduct over to a print or a video, emanate a share link, and a other celebration can revisit pronounced couple to view, or download, a calm with ease. This negates a need to email outrageous files over  in sequence to get things done.

Today, we will travel a readers by a routine of emanate a elementary share couple so that they can share their photos and videos with others in a jiffy.


This routine works on iOS, Android and a Web. It’s positively easy to follow and we have all we need to know in a stairs below.

Create Share Link Using Google Photos on Mobile

1. Assuming we have Google Photos commissioned and involuntary backups enabled on your iOS or Android device, launch it.

2. Look for a print and video we wish to share with anyone. If there are mixed photos and videos, name them by regulating a daub and reason gesture.

3. Once a calm has been selected, daub on a small Share idol during a tip of a page.

4. Now daub on Create link.

5. A couple has been copied to a Clipboard, prepared to be pasted anywhere.

Create Share Link Using Google Photos on a Web

1. Open a Google Photos website by going to a following link:

2. Once here, name a photos and videos we wish to share with anyone.

3. Once selected, click on a Share symbol on a tip right palm corner.

4. Now click on Get link.

Removing Images from Shared Album

Although photos and videos are positively protected on Google Photos, though there are chances what we have common competence ‘leak’ out. In sequence to equivocate this, mislay a images from a Shared Album on both mobile and desktop. The links we combined above will be rendered useless.

Head over to a Albums territory on possibly mobile or desktop, afterwards name Shared. Once here, undo a albums that we do not wish to be compared with a common link. It’s that simple.

Wrap Up

There we have it. You now know how to share photos and videos from Google Photos with anyone else regulating an intensely simplified process. Just dump over a link, instead of a files themselves and we are good to go.

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