Published On: Tue, Apr 11th, 2017

How to Clear Cache in Periscope App for iPhone & iPad

Is Periscope for iOS holding adult too most space on your iPhone or iPad? Here’s how we can transparent a app’s cache and giveaway adult a handful volume of space.

Dump Periscope’s Cache and Free Up a Ton of Space on Your iPhone iPad

As we keep on regulating an app on your iPhone or iPad, information keeps on pier adult in a credentials that does zero some-more than eat adult changed storage space. Those once-free pieces could have been used adult by your personal photos or videos if managed properly, yet sadly, that’s not a box with each app.

Thankfully though, if we notice that Periscope for iOS competence be gobbling space on your iPhone or iPad, afterwards there’s an central pill for it – transparent a cache from a app’s settings page. It’s easy to entrance and we will finish adult gaining a lot of giveaway space from time to time.


1. Launch a Periscope app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Tap on a People idol during a bottom right palm corner.

3. Now daub on a Profile idol during a tip right palm corner.

4. Scroll down and daub on Settings.

5. Over here you’ll see an choice called Clear Cache underneath a Storage section.

If we are an zealous Periscope user, afterwards we will notice how we were means to giveaway adult hundreds of megabytes of storage space on your device. It’s best to keep on repeating this routine from time to time, gripping Periscope from gobbling adult your giveaway space entirely.

Wrap Up

Periscope is a smashing small app for going live with a rest of a world, yet a apparent downside is a information usage. This is something that is to be expected, after all, we are traffic with video here. Thankfully, a developers know really good that information competence eventually turn a problem, therefore adding a Clear Cache symbol was a judicious thing to do.

Just recently, a Twitter app graced a identical underline as well, permitting users to get absolved of cache and giveaway adult internal storage space. If we are meddlesome about it, be certain to check out a following article: How to Clear Cache in Twitter for iOS and Free Up Space.

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