Published On: Tue, Dec 27th, 2016

How to Add New Mail Account in iOS 10

Want to supplement new mail comment in iOS 10 regulating on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch? Here’s how we do it.

Adding a Mail Account in iOS 10 is Easy, But Apple Shuffled Things a Little

With each recover of iOS, Apple tends to trifle things around a little. The change is customarily for a best, though during times things can get treacherous for long-time users. For instance, Siri is now front and core in a Settings app in iOS 10, as against to dark divided in a General section. Things are a small opposite if we are looking to supplement a new mail comment as good in iOS 10. Today we will travel we by a routine and uncover we where a new Add Account choice is.


1. Launch a Settings app.

2. Tap on Mail.

3. Now daub on Accounts during a top.

4. Now name Add Account.

5. Set adult your email comment according to your fondness and certification that we have.

And that’s how we supplement a new mail comment in iOS 10. Easy wasn’t it?

Wrap Up

Despite Apple’s default Mail app, it’s endorsed that we still go forward with central apps from a email use we are using. For instance, a central Gmail app from Google gets a pursuit finished in a quick manner. Also, if we are an Outlook user, afterwards utilizing a central Outlook app creates some-more clarity as well. But during times, we wish things to act like vanilla, that’s where a Mail app comes in. It gets a pursuit done. It works flattering damn good with Apple’s possess iCloud email. What some-more do we want?

Although absolute in many ways, we unequivocally wish Apple creates a Mail app even some-more useful with a recover of iOS 11 subsequent year. Despite iOS gaining so many facilities over a year, Mail has remained mostly a same in terms of what it can do and offer. Take a demeanour during Inbox by Gmail, for example. It is packaged to a rafters with loads of intelligent email facilities that are firm to damp users in a lot of ways. Apple stands in front of a rather monochromatic credentials in that regard.

We have the eyes on you, iOS 11.

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