Published On: Sat, Aug 1st, 2020

How one moonshot VC approaches investing in a COVID-19 era 

Take one glance during Playground Global’s portfolio and a thesis emerges: The firm’s investments are forward-looking, longer-term plays, a plan that runs opposite to a fast-return ethos that permeates certain Silicon Valley sectors.

The Palo Alto-based VC organisation is banking on a destiny with investments in capital-intensive and technically formidable pursuits, including robotics, unconstrained driving, lead 3D copy and infrastructure. It’s an investment plan that isn’t for a gloomy of heart.

So, how does a organisation that embraces futurism hoop a present-day intrusion of COVID-19? It looks ahead, of course.

When co-founder and CTO Peter Barrett assimilated TechCrunch this week for an Extra Crunch Live panel, a pestilence dominated a conversation. The executive remarkable that a new and common thread has emerged via a many discussions among Playground executives and a startups in that it has invested.

Priorities are changeable toward anticipating ways to be of service.

Everything feels opposite these days. Recent months have caused many in Silicon Valley to recur their investment priorities, hurl adult their incongruous sleeves and start a routine of assisting a universe tarry and, eventually, redeem from a clearly unconstrained COVID-19 pandemic. Like many others, Playground finds itself during a crossroads — last how it can be of service, while examining a ways in that a predicament like this can be addressed.

“One thing that underscores this pestilence is a fulfilment that we need to be doing other things if we wish to equivocate being stranded inside for 6 months to a year,” Barrett said. “The biggest trend is a approval that we need to make a investments that give us group over a biology, and to build a production and infrastructure, so a march of maladies that is behind COVID won’t have a same consequences that COVID-19 has.”

The pestilence has also driven people to simulate on what they wish to do with their lives, Barrett said, suggesting that this materialisation could change that startups emerge from this duration as good as what try capitalists select to deposit in.

“If you’re an entrepreneur, we cruise a dating app looks reduction appealing than contributing in some way,” Barrett said, adding that entrepreneurs are looking during areas that “put us in a position where we unequivocally don’t have to be stranded inside since of a certain kilobase virus.”

Playground has a series of startups that are in position to offer some support, though, as is a inlet of a firm’s bent toward prolonged runways. Most, however, seem improved positioned to cruise how we can ready ourselves for a karma of some destiny pandemic, rather than a one we’re now battling. Click by to review a highlights and watch a video with a whole conversation.

Nearer tenure plays

Playground’s portfolio is a mix of companies that are building things on a longer timescale that have the capital and patience to weather this pandemic, Barrett said.

However, in a nearby term, there are categories of companies that have an event to be of use and grow their business.

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