Published On: Sun, Feb 23rd, 2020

How Microsoft runs the $40M ‘AI for Health’ initiative

Last week, Microsoft announced a latest news in a ongoing “AI for Good” program: a $40M bid to request information scholarship and AI to formidable and partially under-studied conditions like tuberculosis, SIDS and leprosy. How does one responsibly parachute into such formidable ecosystems as a tech provider, and what is a routine for vetting recipients of a company’s supports and services?

Tasked with administrating this munificent try is John Kahan, arch information analytics officer and AI lead in a AI for Good program. we spoke with him shortly after a proclamation to improved know his and Microsoft’s proceed to entering areas where they have never step as a association and where a event lies for both them and their new partners.

Microsoft takes wraps off $40M ‘AI for Health’ initiative

Kahan, a Microsoft maestro of many years, is assisting to conclude a module as it develops, he explained during a start of a interview.

John Kahan: About a year ago, they announced my purpose in and with expanding AI for Good from being unequivocally a grants-oriented program, where we gave income away, to a module where we use information scholarship to assistance literally interpose AI and information to expostulate change around a world. It is 100% munificent — we don’t do anything that’s commercial-related.

TechCrunch: This kind of investigate is still a really extended field, though. How do we confirm what constitutes a inestimable investment of resources?

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