Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2020

How Alibaba and review in their medical endeavors

China’s tech round is changeable a courtesy to online medical this week as JD Health is set to go open in one of Hong Kong’s largest IPOs this year.

Like Amazon, China’s e-commerce firms Alibaba and have been operative to conquer a vast medical industry. The offerings are wide-ranging, reaching all from around-the-clock smoothness of medicines, sale of consumer health services like cosmetic surgery, online diagnosis for patients, to digital solutions for hospitals (like appointment-booking) and promotion services for drugmakers.

Alibaba Health began as an investment portfolio of a e-commerce firm and grew into a auxiliary by episodes of consolidations over a years. JD Health, on a other hand, was spun out from in 2019 and fast began to attract flows of vast investments.

The pierce into medical is partial of a behemoths’ idea to be a one-stop-shop for everything. Here are some numbers for gauging how a digital health giants review with any other:


In terms of income sources, both companies rest mostly on a sales of medicines (both over-the-counter and prescription) and other medical products like vitamin supplements. Both have a direct-to-consumer drug business, whereby they are some-more concerned in a supply chains, though they also offer as a marketplace for third-party suppliers, in that box they monetize by charging elect fees. They any have a smaller though flourishing services shred targeting consumers, hospitals and curative companies.

Alibaba Health – 7 billion yuan or $1.07 billion (six months finished September)

JD Health – 8.8 billion yuan or $1.35 billion (six months finished June)


Alibaba Health posted a initial essential gain this year, pocketing 278.6 million yuan in a 6 months finished September, adult from a detriment of 7.6 million yuan from a same duration final year.

In a 6 months finished June, JD Health incurred a detriment of 5.4 billion yuan, compared to a distinction of 236.3 million yuan in a same duration of 2019. The detriment was especially due to satisfactory value changes after arising additional automobile elite shares.

Active users

Though Alibaba Health generated reduction revenue, a height enjoys a incomparable user base, interjection to Alibaba’s sprawling ecosystem. In a year finished June, a sum of 250 million users done purchases by a online pharmacy of Tmall, Alibaba’s business-to-consumer marketplace. Meanwhile, Alibaba Health’s direct-to-consumer drugstore saw 65 million annual active users.

In comparison, 72.5 million people had during slightest done one squeeze by JD Health’s height in a past year.

Doctor resources

Both companies yield online health conference services, that saw a swell in direct during a COVID-19 outbreak. Alibaba Health had a network of over 39,000 doctors by September, compared to JD Health’s pool of over 65,000 doctors, both in-house and third-party.’s 1-year-old health unicorn to get $830M from Hillhouse

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