Published On: Tue, Jun 23rd, 2020

Horizontal Shmup Wing Of The Asteria Sounds Like The Spiritual Successor To Namco’s Phelios

An picture taken from a promotional flyer for Namco's PheliosAn picture taken from a promotional flyer for Namco's Phelios
An picture taken from a promotional flyer for Namco’s Phelios

Namco is famous for a good many extraordinary games from a ’80s and ’90s, including Pac-Man, Xevious, Galaga, Splatterhouse and Mappy. One of a company’s lesser-known hits is 1989’s Phelios, that took some of a many famous tropes from Greek misconceptions and legends and placed them in a vertically-scrolling blaster. It was after ported to a Genesis / Mega Drive and recently incited adult on a Namco collection for a Evercade handheld.

Why are we revelation we all of this? Well, Japanese studio PiXEL has only announced Wing of a Asteria (Asteria no Tsubasa in Japan), a horizontally-scrolling shooter that seems to be thematically really identical to Namco’s pretension – heck, it will even underline a audio talents of Yoshinori “Kawagen” Kawamoto of a Bandai Namco Studios Sound Team, who worked on Phelios and Burning Force, another Namco pretension from a same period.

You can check out judgment art for Artemis, Orion and a mid-boss Griffon below.

Blessed with impression pattern and judgment art by Shuzilow.HA (Twin Bee series, Gaiapolis), Wing of a Asteria sees players take control of Artemis, Goddess of a Moon. She wishes to revive a life of her partner Orion, and – like Apollo in a aforementioned Phelios, rides a mythological equine Pegasus.

Wing of a Asteria will launch on Switch in Japan someday subsequent year.

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