Published On: Thu, Jul 6th, 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.30 Adds New Game + & Ultra Hard Mode Alongside Various Fixes

Guerrilla Games has expelled Horizon Zero Dawn patch 1.30, that adds a rarely expected New Game + and Ultra Hard mode alongside several fixes.

The New Game + mode allows players to play by Zero Dawn with all of their existent gear, while a new Hard mode adds a new problem to a game. In addition, patch 1.30 adds dual new trophies and includes support for all EU and US content Languages on EU and US games. You can find a full recover records for a refurbish down below:

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Patch Summary

  • New game+ combined for players who wish to play by a diversion with their existent gear.
  • Ultra Hard mode is combined for a players that are adult for another challenge!
  • Added dual new trophies to a game: One for completing New game+ and one for completing New game+ in ultra-hard mode.
  • Added support for all EU and US content Languages on EU and US games.

General Fixes

  • Fixed an emanate for some players in “The Looming Shadow” where dual guards would disappear after Blameless Marad speaks to them.
  • Fixed an emanate for certain players with a Lodge Ropecaster where a ropecaster’s anchors that are automatically shot in a belligerent would not hang to a turf while sharpened from a crouched position.
  • Fixed an emanate for some players where criminal camps would wrongly arrangement as ‘Undiscovered’ within a universe map if a actor had privileged all criminal camps.
  • Fixed an emanate with “Cauldron Zeta” where for some players a query record would disappear after completing a quest.
  • Fixed an emanate that some players encountered with a animations of Aloy. When a actor would perform a m�lange conflict and use a Focus roughly simultaneously, it would means Aloy’s top physique to turn assumed for a moment.
  • Fixed an emanate with a humanoid roar and conflict indicators.
  • Fixed an emanate in “Deep Secrets of a Earth” where for some players a information points in Sobeck’s bureau were not convenient if a actor wanted to collect them after a blast caused by Helis, as they had disappeared.
  • Fixed an emanate with a Tearblaster statistics being wrongly displayed in a arms wheel.

Progression Issues Fixes

  • Fixed an emanate in “Field of a Fallen” where for some players Erend would not seem and so blocked course of this quest.
  • Fixed an emanate in “The City of a Sun” where some players competence teleport by a protester scene, restraint course as Erend would not open a doorway to Olin’s apartment.

Crash Fixes

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  • Fixed diverse crashes.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Minor content fixes.

Horizon Zero Dawn is accessible now for PlayStation 4. The game’s initial expansion, The Frozen Wilds, will be expelled after this year.

Source: PlayStation

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