Published On: Wed, Mar 15th, 2017

Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.04 Addresses A Number of Issues

Guerrilla Games expelled a sum for Patch 1.04 that usually strike Horizon Zero Dawn that fixes a series of issues.

Below you’ll see a whole Changelog. Be warned, though, there might be spoilers in a outline of a some of a bug fixes:

Main Quests

  • Fixed an emanate in “The Proving” where one of a enemy would tumble down a slope.
  • Fixed an emanate in “The Womb of a Mountain” where a stalk would not be in Aloy’s register if players non-stop a value box with a DLC object before retrieving Aloy’s weapons. Note: Players who have already encountered a emanate will need to reload from a diversion saved before to this quest.
  • Fixed an emanate in “A Seeker during a Gates” where players would be means to enter a gates of Mother’s Watch when fast-traveling to this location.
  • Fixed an emanate in “A Seeker during a Gates” where a query design would not refurbish from “Go to a Carja Border Fort” to “Kill a depraved machines”.
  • Fixed an emanate in “A Seeker during a Gates” where players could not swell by a Carja Fort.
  • Fixed an emanate in “The City of a Sun” where Erend wouldn’t parent after a discourse with him finished if players rushed past a civilians on a bridge.
  • Fixed an emanate in “The Sun Shall Fall” where players couldn’t lapse to Dervahl if they fast-traveled during a design “Talk to Dervahl”.
  • Fixed an emanate in “The Grave Hoard” where skipping a review with Sylens during a finish of a query and immediately restarting would forestall “To Curse a Darkness” from starting.
  • Fixed an emanate in “Deep Secrets of a Earth” where players couldn’t enter a fort if they fast-traveled divided from a design after they had interacted with a bunker.
  • Fixed an emanate in “The Terror of a Sun” where Aloy would respawn in an dull locus after being killed by a Behemoth. Note: Players who have already encountered a emanate will need to go to Sunfall, during that indicate they will be teleported behind into a locus to continue a quest.

Side Quests and Activities

  • Fixed an emanate in “Hunter’s Blind” where a design would not refurbish after articulate to Talanah.
  • Fixed an emanate in “Hunter’s Blind” where players could kills a Glinthawks before a tangible design was triggered.
  • Fixed an emanate in “The Foreign Lands” where players could already broach a crawl to Lakhir before being educated to do so.
  • Fixed an emanate in “Fatal Inheritance” where a design would destroy to refurbish after disabling a captivate device and vocalization with Ranaman during a quest.
  • Fixed an emanate in “Blood on Stone” where a Rockbreaker would not aspect rightly if players fast-traveled from and to a query area usually before a start of a sequence.
  • Fixed an emanate in “Death from a Skies” where a Stormbird design would sojourn active after deactivating a lures and fast-traveling from and to a query area.
  • Fixed an emanate in “Redmaw” where Redmaw would be alive again if players left a query area during a design “Talk to Ahsis”.
  • Fixed an emanate in “Redmaw” where a pen for a design “Talk to Ahsis” would be invisible outward of a query area.

Game Systems

  • Fixed an emanate where scrutiny song would dump out after a prolonged duration of play.
  • Fixed an emanate where Aloy could turn ‘stuck’ in her shifting animation.
  • Fixed diverse issues to urge a altogether play experience.

Horizon Zero Dawn is out now Playstation 4. Be certain to check out what we suspicion of Guerrilla Games’ stellar open universe game:

Horizon Zero Dawn is a pristine pointer of what can be finished with an unusually designed open world. Not usually that, it has well-developed characterisation and a frank story that doesn’t shoehorn elements, permitting for a organic expansion of characters. This is a diversion that we can hardly find any faults with, solely borrowing some elements from other open universe games. Even so, it done any and each component a possess in one of a best games to date.


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