Published On: Tue, May 19th, 2020

Horizon Chase Turbo Gets A Brazillian Makeover In A New Update

Major props to a references of a Gaúcho culture:

Minuano is a clever and cold breeze that blows in a segment during autumn and winter. It is also a name of an ancient inland clan that inhabited Rio Grande do Sul (the Brazilian state that Porto Alegre is collateral of).

The 3 colours in a behind of a in-game car, only above a word, are a colours of Rio Grande do Sul flag.

The proviso “Where is my yerba maté?” it’s since we splash chimarrão A LOT, a libation done on this herb, kinda like a tea.

The song “Guaíba Sunset” nods to a unequivocally common thing to do in a city that is to go watch a nightfall by a lake Guaíba.

@rex_rex You’re right LOL Yeah maybe they are indeed colorados, or a Arena wouldn’t make clarity in a approach they designed a race. By a way, in that city are we now?

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