Published On: Fri, Jan 8th, 2021

Hopin competence be a fastest expansion story of this era

Hello and acquire behind to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture-capital-focused podcast, where we empty a numbers behind a headlines. Happy 2021, or as a possess Danny Crichton aptly names it, Dec 38, 2020.

Equity organisation is behind to start a new year in full force, with Alex, Natasha and Danny on a mics and Chris behind a scenes. The reunion led to impassioned Dad fun appetite from all of us, that helped get by a towering of tech news that we had in front of us.

In fact, there was so most to speak about that we have a bonus part entrance out Saturday traffic with Roblox and a gaming environment. Stay tuned.

For now, here’s what’s in today’s episode:

  • The remote work space is rushing to heal your Zoom fatigue, or during slightest give we new ways to hoop it. This week, we saw GitHub alumni lift millions for a video repository tool, and Teamflow lift some-more for a practical height meant to impersonate a serendipity (and productivity) of your now shuttered office.
  • WeLink lifted a $185 million Series A turn and, while we could have done financial nomenclature jokes, there was most to empty on a event of 5G and wireless.
  • Divvy sealed down $165 million, creation itself a unicorn in a process. Consider this one another win for Utah, and a large impulse for a association itself, that is operative in a unequivocally rival space.
  • We also remarkable a array of new VC supports that sealed in a final days of 2020, including One Way, USV, Learn Capital and Madrona.
  • Hopin went shoppin’, picking adult StreamYard for a quarter-billion since they suspicion it was boppin’. Please pardon a try during poetry. Regardless, Hopin spent $250 million for StreamYard, a livestreaming record height that it intends to work independently. The total association has around $65 million in annual repeated revenue, with a purchased entity bringing $30 million of that on a own. A large deal.
  • Twitter is also out in a marketplace with a checkbook, picking adult a podcasting app and a pattern studio.
  • And on a podcast front, Amazon is also in a market. This brings adult a question, what unequivocally is Amazon Prime, anyways?
  • Finally, we had few difference on because PG subsidy off from shopping Billie impacts DTC startups everywhere. 

As we can tell by a laughs and jokes this week, it is unequivocally good to be back. Enjoy a show, and don’t forget a Saturday extra!

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