Published On: Fri, Oct 6th, 2017

Hitman Reveals Oct Content and Teases a Big Announcement Is Coming Soon

IO Interactive is teasing their initial vital further to Hitman given bursting from Square Enix. Here’s what a newly-independent studio had to contend in their many new blog post:

Mark this date on your calendars: Oct 24th. That’s a date when we will exhibit code new calm for a game. We’re going to let a proclamation itself do all a talking, though there is one thing we wish to explain before afterwards — this arriving calm will not be ‘Season 2.’ We’re observant that now to keep expectations in check.

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Earlier this year, Square Enix sent shockwaves by a courtesy by announcing skeleton to offload developer IO Interactive and a Hitman franchise. Ultimately, a customer wasn’t found, with IO instead maintaining rights to a Hitman array as an eccentric developer. Since interruption ways with Square Enix in June, IO has continued to refurbish Hitman with new missions and contracts, though they haven’t combined any poignant new content. Apparently, that’s about to change.

In further to a large tease, IO also announced a common choice of new contracts and challenges:

Arriving Oct 13

  • 10 new Featured Contracts: You emanate Contracts and we underline a interesting, crafty or artistic ones. There is no ideal regulation to explain how we name a contracts, though they have held a courtesy for one reason or another.
  • Master Scarecrow Challenge Pack: Colorado is a usually plcae nonetheless to have an combined Challenge Pack. That ends this month with a recover of The Master Scarecrow Challenge Pack. Look brazen to 5 new challenges, any with a high volume of plcae mastery; a good approach to tip out your poise and collect any remaining unlocks. Completing all of a hurdles will clear a new object for 47 to use in all locations. We’ll exhibit some-more about this Challenge Pack and a new object subsequent week.

Arriving Later in October

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  • Our subsequent collection of 10 player-curated Featured Contracts arrives after in a month. These contracts duty in a same approach to a Featured Contracts that you’ve come to know and adore in a game, with one large twist: one of a players will curate a list.

What are your thoughts on a Hitman tease? If it’s not for Season 2, afterwards what could it be? What would we like to see combined to a game?

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