Published On: Thu, Jul 13th, 2017

Hitman Jul Update 1.12.1 Improves Xbox One Loading Times, Offers Combat Changes & Adds Professional Difficulty

Io-Interactive is deploying a HITMAN Jul refurbish as we speak, and we’ve got we lonesome with a patch’s recover notes.

The refurbish weighs in during 1.2GB on PC, while a Xbox One patch is 950MB in size. The PS4 refurbish clocks in rather smaller during 550MB. Following a prior HITMAN update, several Xbox One players reported slower loading times, though a Jul refurbish appears to repair this issue, and loading times are set to be easy to normal. Furthermore, a refurbish introduces some fight changes, adds a veteran problem level, and fixes several issues. You can review a central recover records below:

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July Update Release Notes

Xbox One Loading Times
After a new update, Xbox One users reported to us that a diversion was holding longer to bucket than usual, generally when restarting a contract.
We’ve looked into this and now have a Xbox One loading times behind to where they should be. Thanks to a Xbox One players who reported this.

Combat Changes
We’ve done some changes to fight opposite a game. The dictated outcome of these changes is to make fight some-more gratifying and viable for all players.

Specifically, we have reduced a glow rate of NPC pistols, somewhat increasing how fast 47 can ‘snap’ to a aim NPC when ‘aim assist’ is toggled on, reduced a repairs that 47 takes during midst to prolonged distances and increasing a speed that 47’s health regenerates. We are stability to guard and adjust these values formed on a possess impressions and we’re looking brazen to feedback from a players when these changes go live. Please note that Professional Difficulty is not influenced by these changes and still offers a ‘Lethal Combat’ that was promised.

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Backstory: With an progressing refurbish on Jun 23rd, a initial iteration of a inner fight changes was unintentionally released. That initial iteration simply reduced a repairs outlay of NPC weapons and resulted in what some of a village have lovingly described as ‘Tank 47’. The changes that we discuss above (and will deliver with 1.12.1) are formed on a fight values before the Jun 23rd update. This is critical to discuss given we wish to be transparent that we haven’t done 47 some-more of a tank. Instead, we’ve looked during a fight knowledge that we’ve had in a diversion given launch and done a above changes to a long-standing values.

Professional Difficulty
We’ve altered a clear criteria for Professional Difficulty from Mastery turn 20 to Mastery turn 5. All players that now have Mastery turn 5-19 on any plcae will automatically clear Professional Difficulty after updating their diversion to 1.12.1 (July Update). There are no changes to Professional Difficulty other than a clear criteria.
Excuse me, we found a weapon
We’ve bound an emanate that could means guards to regularly dump weapons that they detected on a ground. This emanate was distinguished on The Icon mission.

Bathroom Break
We’ve bound an emanate that could means a toilet in a Marrakesh propagandize to act erratically after 47 kicks it onto Zaydan. This could spasmodic outcome in 47’s death. Seriously.

Cancelling Connecting
We’ve bound an emanate that could means players to inadvertently cancel a ‘connecting’ prompt and enter ‘Offline Mode’.

Opportunity Lost After Loading
We’ve bound an emanate that could means a Opportunity Marker (the small light bulb) to disappear after a save/load cycle.

Trespassing vs Hostile Area
We’ve implemented a repair for a Known Issue from a Jun Update. The ‘Trespassing’ and ‘Hostile Area’ standing messages on a mini-map now arrangement correctly.

Maximum Mastery
We listened that some players have had issues unlocking a trophies/achievements compared with reaching Mastery turn 20 in several locations. We’ve implemented a change so that a diversion will re-check either we have reached turn 20 when we launch a diversion and endowment a suitable trophies/achievements.

Trophy Typography
We’ve done some required updates to a prize descriptions on PS4; corrected a few typos and mistakes.
Unconscious Witness
We’ve also implemented a repair for a other Known Issue from a Jun Update. The ‘Unconscious Witness’ standing on a mini-map is know displayed correctly.

Miscellaneous Fixes
We’ve bound other teenager issues opposite a house to keep a diversion in illusory shape.

HITMAN is accessible now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game’s developer, Io-Interactive, recently became an eccentric studio after publisher Square Enix sole off a studio. Luckily, a rights to a HITMAN authorization were defended by Io-Interactive.

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