Published On: Tue, Jun 29th, 2021

Hit iPhone controller Backbone One scores Xbox Game Pass partnership during xCloud’s iOS launch today

Backbone One, a torpedo iPhone diversion pad we profiled here late final year, has only scored a mom of all tie-ups for a gaming accessory. It’s removing bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as it launches on iOS currently alongside a xCloud diversion streaming service.

As a partial of a deal, Backbone is being bundled with Xbox Game Pass in a new sell wrapping that gets a Designed for Xbox stamp, creation a Backbone + iPhone combo a closest thing we’ve ever seen to a unstable Xbox. 

In my final piece, we remarkable how Backbone deftly used a appendage APIs built into iOS to offer super sharp functionality for a cross-game dashboard. It’s been updating that dashboard to get improved about arrangement we games, exposing we to new games and vouchsafing we use a writing facilities to share torpedo plays with your friends. It’s one of a best gaming apps I’ve seen on iOS in years, and it has large intensity to emanate a cross-universe place to play for a biggest gaming assembly in a world. 

The Capture Button on Backbone One works with Xbox Cloud Gaming and lets we share it as a link. There’s also a new Xbox Game Pass feed and a approach to pierce between Xbox and iOS games in a same interface. There’s also a large callout for Xbox Remote Play, a underline that’s still super under-utilized and indeed utterly good on current-gen consoles. 

The package even creates use of an AppClip to arrangement an AR chronicle of Backbone using xCloud for people function on a sell wrapping during a store. 

The Backbone group continues to stir with a sharp and crafty integrations and plain instincts. The diversion controller extraction of a group shows (some strange Xbox 360 controller group members worked on Backbone) yet a program aspects are a many impressive. The approach that Backbone unifies gaming practice opposite AAA iOS ports like Warzone or Minecraft, Xbox and Playstation Remote Play and now local xCloud games feels like a approach of a destiny for mobile gaming in a approach that nothing of a particular players, including Apple, has managed to get right. 

Even yet xCloud games are web formed they are treated and presented as local apps inside Backbone’s unequivocally good finished dashboard. I’ve privately played a lot of Destiny 2 over Stadia on Backbone and it feels fantastic, we can’t wait for it to be some-more directly integrated into a lurch with writing and amicable like a Xbox cloud titles are today. 

The knowledge of discovering, downloading and personification a diversion is better with a Backbone commissioned than even Apple Arcade now that a group is removing some-more into curation. They’ve also got a unequivocally sharp joining resource that allows we to download apps right from a App Store if we see a shave of them being common on your feed. This is how internet local players wish to find and play new games — a invariably hyperlinked universe of games and streams that creates it probable to see, follow and play but carrying to stop to manually hunt for anything.  

It’s also creation me crave for a time when finding games goes over ‘downloading’ them and into a universe where we can see a shave common by a friend, daub on it and be personification a singular turn or compare that gets me bending before carrying to go buy a game. It would be a torpedo merger onramp for new players. 

The Microsoft tie adult means that someone who purchases a Backbone for $99 from a website or during Microsoft Stores currently gets 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate, creation this a comprehensive best understanding for new business deliberation GPU is $45 alone. That’s firm to be a outrageous boost for Backbone as a immature gaming startup. 


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