Published On: Tue, Mar 3rd, 2020

Hideki Kamiya Would Love To Release Viewtiful Joe 3 And "Finish That Trilogy"

Viewtiful Joe

Last weekend, Hideki Kamiya told fans during PAX East 2020 to “email Capcom” if they wanted to see sequels to sold series. One of a games mentioned was Viewtiful Joe, that was initial expelled on a GameCube in 2003 and perceived a supplement a following year.

Following adult on this in an talk with Nintendo Enthusiast, Hideki reinforced a fact that certain decisions were no longer his to make though combined how fervent he was to “finish” a Viewtiful Joe games with a third and final entry:

there’s been a Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2, though there has been no 3. So, for me personally, we would also adore to finish that trilogy with a Viewtiful Joe 3.

Hideki would also like to see a strange Viewtiful Joe diversion on a Switch, though once again, it’s adult to Capcom.

Personally, we unequivocally wish that it comes back. we don’t wish it to be mislaid in a sands of time, so to speak. I’m requesting it! we would adore it if that would happen.

Would we like to see a third Viewtiful Joe game? How about a strange on a Switch? Comment below.

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